Bold, Glittery, Glamourous: 70s Disco Fashion That’s Still Trendy Today

‘70s disco fashion: check out these retro styles that you can still pull off today!

Slinky fabrics, sparkly stilettos, and jumpsuits are suddenly all the rage, but they first became popular in the seventies! 1970s disco fashion is making a comeback in high street shops, but some shoppers are put off by the over-the-top glam that characterised this era’s style. So, how do you tastefully bring the runway’s latest vintage look to your closet?

Whether you need ideas for your ‘70s disco party costume, or you just want some retro style in your wardrobe, our article will tell you how to score the right look with the right pieces.

Read on for our guide to 1970s fashion and the pieces that are making a comeback!

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The Disco Era: A Dance That Changed Fashion Forever

In the 1970s, the disco craze swept America’s nightlife scene. Nightclubs started to play dance music from records instead of hiring live bands. Syncopated beats, Afro-American soul, and psychedelic funk music all came together in one movement where people could dance freely in private discotheques. Older generations frowned upon dancing and the sexual liberation of the disco movement, but discos continued to thrive.

The discotheques were considered the coolest places to be; places where you could learn the newest dance moves and catch everyone’s attention with the right outfit. Every fashion trend from that period had loud colours and a ton of sparkle, guaranteed to be visible even in a dimly-lit club. Fuschia, turquoise blue, and bright orange were popular choices for clothing and makeup.

One of the most popular fashion icons from this period is Diana Ross of The Supremes, known for her hit songs I’m Coming Out and Love Hangover.  The disco diva Diana had a nightclub glam image and was known for her outrageously large hairdos and glittering gowns. Diana and other Motown artists set the trend for wearing these flashy outfits.

Popular ‘70s Disco Fashion For Women

Disco fashion for women often revolved around these two options: a dancing dress or bell-bottoms with a small top. The trick to wearing the perfect disco outfit was to throw in some metallic flash and balance your silhouette. Flared jeans were never paired with a loose-fitting top, and long sleeves were used to balance out plunging necklines or short dresses. Jumpsuits often had drapey haltered fronts, but tighter bottoms.

Wrap dresses, created by Diane Von Furstenberg, were another ‘70s style staple, but the versions seen in discos were in silky or metallic fabric. Women also wore high platforms or stilettos to add extra height and get attention on the dancefloor. 

Popular ‘70s Disco Fashion For Men

Men’s clothing was just as loud and exaggerated as women’s disco outfits! Flared bottoms, wildly-patterned shirts tucked into bell-bottoms, and colourful scarves were popular menswear items. Men also wore platforms to match their high-heeled dance partners. Singer James Brown sported some of this era’s best looks, pairing wide-legged pants and colour-blocked suits with black turtlenecks.

Another style icon from this period is John Travolta and his unforgettable Saturday Night Fever white three-piece suit. This slick look is so popular that it’s the first image that pops into people’s heads when they think of 1970s fashion. Suits like Brown’s and Travolta’s were just some of the many flamboyant outfits that guys wore back then. 

Get The Disco Look Today With These Three ‘70s Items!

1. Jumpsuits

Onesies aren’t just for kids! It’s going to be a bit hard to go to the bathroom in one of these, but it does save you the trouble of coordinating tops and bottoms! You just pop it on, and bam! Effortless chic. The bonus of putting on a jumpsuit is that even if it’s in a neutral colour, you’re guaranteed to stand out from a sea of jeans and polos. 

2. Metallic Dresses

Metallic dresses were all the rage in the 1970s. In a dark nightclub, the easiest way to catch someone’s eye was to wear something metallic to reflect the disco ball lights. Halter necklines or exaggerated sleeves with high hems were popular disco dress cuts. We love the modern take on the ‘70s dress in this little silver number – the long sleeves and high neckline balance out the short hem of this glam dress.

3. Flared Jeans

Say goodbye to your skinny jeans and hello to the flared bell-bottoms of the Seventies! Stylish, flattering to thicker calves, and utterly comfy – flared bottoms are the perfect fit contrast to a loose top. Just make sure your pair doesn’t flare too dramatically, as an exaggerated flare can make petite women look even shorter.

Looking For Disco Clothes For Theme Parties? We Have You Covered!

While those were tips for wearing the disco trend every day, you might be looking for a place to rent or buy a ‘70s costume instead. Fortunately, many stores like Blossom and Costume Box have a wide choice of outfits so you can channel your inner Motown diva at a party. Smiffys even has wigs so you can rock the complete disco look from head to toe!

‘70s Disco Is Still Stylish Today

The key to rocking any vintage trend subtly is to avoid going head-to-toe retro, and to balance loud prints and colours with subtle neutrals. The updated ‘70s disco look, in particular, is all about keeping the sparkle to one statement piece or as an accent.

Now that you’ve seen outfit ideas and learned more about the style of that era, you have the tools you need to pull together the right ‘70s look. With the number of high street stores selling disco-inspired pieces like hotcakes, we’re sure this is a trend you should feel confident enough to try with your wardrobe staples.

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