MasterChef Australia 2019: Who is Abbey?

Everything you need to know about Abbey!

You could say Abbey Rose has been training for her MasterChef debut since she was a child.

Abbey, 28, from NSW remembers that when she was a child her mother would make beautiful sauces before adding an ingredient to throw off the balance, challenging her daughter to correct the error and bring it back from the brink. 

With that early training of her palate Abbey hopes she can go all the way to the final of MasterChef 2019.

With past experience in fine arts, jewellery design and food management, she now works as a buyer for The Essential Ingredient cooking shop, which she hopes will give her an edge on the show.

Abbey lists her strengths as working with seafood, and her weaknesses are complicated spice recipes along with monitoring her timing.

She’s excited to meet her icon Nigella Lawson as she says she loves everything the domestic goddess embodies.

Following her MasterChef journey, Abbey wants to open her own boutique café in the Hunter Valley, showcasing a changing menu that highlights what is readily available and in season.  

When she’s not cooking, she’ll be planning her wedding to her Australian Navy fiancé Josh. 

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