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Having undergone an embryo transplant procedure at the IVF clinic, Tori (Penny McNamee) has never been more hopeful.

“Being a doctor, Tori is realistic in her anticipation of the transfer,” says Penny.

“However, like any mother-tobe, nerves and anxiety do take hold.”

But as Tori waits for the most important news of her life alongside her donor Robbo (Jake Ryan), the situation is about to get a whole lot more complicated. And, not surprisingly, the rising tension has everything to do with Robbo’s burgeoning relationship with Jasmine (Sam Frost)!

For when Tori tells her friend Leah (Ada Nicodemou) that Robbo was by her side during the procedure, Jasmine overhears the conversation – and is clearly shocked to learn this.

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“Tori has always made it clear that she was happy to go on this parenthood journey alone,” says Penny. “However, when Robbo expressed his desire to be there for her, she was grateful for his support. But Tori is also very sensitive to the fact that Robbo is in a relationship with Jasmine, so it really does upset her now when she realises Jasmine has been affected.”

Indeed, feeling deeply betrayed, Jasmine later goes on to challenge Robbo about why he chose to lie to her.

“Jas and Robbo made a promise to each other to be completely honest, as they knew it was the only way moving forward that this was going to work,” says Sam.

“So, when Jas finds out that Robbo lied to her – telling her he wasn’t going to be in the room, but would just be nervously pacing up and down the corridor outside – it was a kick in the guts for Jasmine. She’s been so patient and understanding.”

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As Sam says, Jasmine now finds herself asking whether she and Robbo have a future.

“More than ever, she starts to think, ‘Where do I fit into this? You’re not being a fair partner, you’re putting 110 per cent effort into Tori and the baby and zero into me.’ She doesn’t feel he’s being reasonable or considerate to her.”

After taking time to think things through, Robbo says something to Jasmine that could change everything!

Meanwhile, the big question remains: will Tori and Robbo receive the news they’re desperately hoping for?

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