Home And Away: Chelsea and Colby’s wedding at risk

Chelsea’s controlling father is less than pleased with his daughter.

Blissfully happy after announcing their engagement, Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) and Colby (Tim Franklin) have everything to look forward to – or so they think!

With the arrival in Summer Bay of Chelsea’s domineering father, Inspector Neil Campbell (Steve Nation), the couple’s love bubble is about to be well and truly burst.

For Neil wastes no time making it clear that he’s anything but happy about his daughter’s choice of future husband, in view of Colby’s history with the River Boy gang.

“When Colby and Chelsea were first together, I think Neil was a little like a dad to Colby,” says Tim.

“Neil approved of Colby in the beginning, but then he felt that Colby betrayed his trust.

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“Neil’s the sort of guy who doesn’t like a crinkle in his work shirt, let alone an ex-gang member dating his daughter. Neil is a very powerful man, so Colby is understandably a little terrified of him.”

And when Colby this week decides to meet with Neil for a “man-to-man” chat, the discussion does not go well.

Letting Colby know in no uncertain terms that he’ll never give his blessing to the marriage, Neil threatens to use his considerable influence in the force to ruin Colby’s career.

“Neil makes it clear in about three seconds that he’s not on Colby’s side any more,” says Tim.

“He could easily try to have him fired. Colby instantly knows that he faces an uphill battle with Neil, who will use every tool at his disposal to separate Colby and Chelsea.”

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Indeed, Neil is far from done with controlling Colby. In a shocking development, the inspector later delivers a bombshell ultimatum that sends Colby reeling.

Neil announces that he knows where Colby’s long-missing younger sister Bella is.

But there’s a twist – and it’s a massive one. Neil will only reveal Bella’s location if Colby ends his relationship with Chelsea!

What will Colby do?

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