Rebecca Gibney & Erik Thomson delight fans with Packed to the Rafters throwback

They've gone right back to the start.
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A month ahead of the Back to the Rafters reboot, Rebecca Gibney and Erik Thomson have taken a stroll down memory lane by revisiting footage from the original series and delighting fans in the process.

WATCH: Rebecca Gibney and Erik Thomson look back at Packed To The Rafters

Rebecca, 56, and Erik, 54, who played Julie Rafter and Dave Rafter respectively on the hit Aussie show, have reminisced on an iconic Packed to the Rafters moment via the official @backtotherafterstv Instagram.

Going right back to the start, the pair spoke of “day one” when their on-screen son Ben (played by Hugh Sheridan) moves out of the Rafter house, only to move in with Carbo right next door. 

Dave and Julie Rafter are back! (Credit: Channel Seven)

“Oh my gosh, that’s day one…” Rebecca said upon being handed a photo from the time. 

“Ben is moving next door and we think he’s going and we’re waving going ‘Bye darling, take care’, and he pulls into the driveway next door,” the actress explained.

“Yeah that takes us way back,” Erik added. “That was the moment where we just about got our freedom, only for it to be snatched back at the last moment.”

The new series is coming next month! (Credit: Channel Seven)

The actor went on to describe the memory as a “lovely moment”. 

Fans have long been awaiting a Packed to the Rafters reboot. The project was sadly put on hold due to COVID, however the wheels eventually starting turning and now the new series (Back to the Rafters) is coming to Amazon Prime on September 17th this year!

To announce the news, the returning cast appeared in a clip, saying: “We’re back, back to the Rafters. It’s still packed with heart and family, laughter and tears.”

“It’s an exciting new chapter for the Rafter family, with a few new friends and faces.”

WATCH: Hugh Sheridan and Jess Marais enjoy night out together (Article continues after video)

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The new faces in question are Georgina Haig, who has served as the replacement of Jess Marais (who played Rachel Rafter), as well as Haiha Le, Aaron Luke McGrath and Willow Speers.

At the live launch, host Joel Creasey asked Georgina what it was like taking over from Jess to play Rachel Rafter.

“It was an amazing character to get to play,” she said. “I emailed everyone and asked them to share some favourite memories that their characters had had with Rachel to help me create a backstory for myself.”

Fellow newcomer Haiha Le also spoke on what it was like to join the tight-knit cast.

“It’s quite intimidating stepping into a family that’s known each other for a decade or so,” Haiha admitted. “Working with Hugh, he was just so warm and generous. I felt like I immediately fit right in.”

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