The premiere date for the Back To The Rafters reboot REVEALED!

Start counting down!

Our emotions over the Packed To The Rafters reunion, aptly named Back to The Rafters, have endured quite the rollercoaster.

WATCH: Back to The Rafters cast confirms premiere date

There’s been excitement over its confirmation, disappointment over the delay to due to COVID and Jess Marais pulling out, before joy at the show finding the perfect replacement in Georgina Haig.

Now, we’ve come full circle and are prepping the popcorn as Amazon Prime Video announces its official premiere date – September 17th.

The streaming site made the reveal at their upfront event in Sydney today before sharing an exclusive clip to Instagram for fans.

Packed to the rafters
They’re back! (Credit: Channel Seven)

The returning cast appear in the clip to help share the good news, saying: “We’re back, back to the Rafters. It’s still packed with heart and family, laughter and tears.

“It’s an exciting new chapter for the Rafter family, with a few new friends and faces. See you soon on Amazon Prime Video.”

At the live launch, host Joel Creasey asked Georgina what it was like taking over from Jess to play Rachel Rafter.

“It was an amazing character to get to play,” she said. “I emailed everyone and asked them to share some favourite memories that their characters had had with Rachel to help me create a backstory for myself.”

back to the rafters
Georgina took over from Jess as Rachel Rafter. (Credit: Supplied)

Fellow newcomer Haiha Le also spoke on what it was like to join the tight-knit cast.

“It’s quite intimidating stepping into a family that’s known each other for a decade or so,” Haiha admitted.  

“Working with Hugh, he was just so warm and generous. I felt like I immediately fit right in.”

Also new to the cast and featured in the Amazon announcement video is actor Aaron Luke McGrath and Willow Speers who will play Ruby Rafter.

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