Fans reveal what they REALLY think of Abbie Chatfield’s new show

The show sees Abbie speaking to people from all walks of life, including people who identify as asexual, and sex industry workers.
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Viewers and fans have thrown support behind Abbie Chatfield as she releases a pilot as part of Channel 10’s Pilot Showcase.

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield’s ‘Abbie Chats’ Trailer

The pilot, called Abbie Chats, sees Abbie speaking to and interviewing people from all different walks of life, beginning with people who identify as asexual, and those who work in the sex industry.

“Abbie Chatfield is on a mission to explore, understand and reveal worlds not commonly seen or heard from on television,” the blurb reads.

Abbie with some of her Abbie Chats guests. (Credit: Supplied)

“Abbie dives into two opposite ends of a subject, bringing her signature unapologetic brand of curiosity, passion and authenticity along and asking all the questions the audience would never dare to.”

The pilot features full-frontal nudity and shows people engaged in sexual activity, but despite the raunchy nature of the episode, all responses so far have seemed pretty positive.

“So good. Cracking title for the show too,” former Bachelor and friend of Abbie’s, Matt Agnew, wrote.

“This looks awesome babe,” wrote Sophie Monk.

Fellow celebs are loving Abbie’s pilot. (Credit: Getty)

“Iconic behaviour,” added Khanh Ong.

However, it’s not just fellow celebrities that love the show.

“So keen to see the ASEXUAL segment. I’ve always felt as if I’m so strange for not enjoying any sexual activity. So this will be cool to look into others lives like me and get a better understanding on the topic!” one fan wrote.

“Unreal!” another commented on the 10Play Instagram. “You need to be the new late night talk show host too.”

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“This is giving me You Can’t Ask That vibes which I love!!” another added, referring to the popular ABC program.

“I would definitely watch this,” another added.

Abbie Chats is one of six pilot shows appearing in this year’s Pilot Week, where shows are trialled by the network to see which are best received by their audience.

Also among the shows are Courtney’s Closet, where Australia’s most renowned drag queen, Courtney Act, interviews her celebrity guests while giving them a drag makeover.

There’s also Dinner Guest, hosted by Melissa Leong, Narelda Jacobs, and Susan Carland, who host a guest in a no-holds-barred discussion about today’s biggest issues around a dinner table.

Nikki Osborne has also thrown her hat in the ring with The Bush Blonde Vs The World, a sketch comedy show starring Nikki’s viral character, Bush Barbie.

All the pilot shows are available now on 10Play.

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