Home & Away’s Todd Lasance makes an epic return to TV in NCIS

From Summer Bay, to fighting crime in the big city.
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From Summer Bay’s teen runaway to an official member of the Australian Federal Police, Todd Lasance has come a long way with his latest role on NCIS: Sydney.

It’s the 38-year-old’s first leading TV role back home in a while, and Todd could not have asked for a better experience.

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“This was one of those rare productions where we essentially became family,” Todd tells New Idea.

“I don’t think that I’ve experienced that so quickly in a series before.

“There was so much gratitude to be working together and I know that translated on the screen.”

NCIS Sydney first look in front of the iconic Sydney harbour bridge. (Credit: Channel 9)

NCIS: Sydney is the fifth series in the franchise, but the first filmed outside the USA.

Todd plays the role of Sergeant Jim Dempsey, who he describes as a real country boy who is “driven, funny and self-effacing”.

William McInnes is also in the cast, along with a crop of fresh faces.

NCIS Sydney
Todd and co-stars Tuuli Narkle, Olivia Swann and Sean Sagar filmed at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. (Credit: Channel 9)

Todd says that viewers can expect big things from the action-packed show. The cast even filmed with the Australian Navy, and their impressive warships and helicopters.

“The team are going big,” Todd says.

“It’s a high-octane blend of classic NCIS elements, with an Aussie approach that’s smart, sharp and funny.”

NCIS Sydney premieres November 10 on Paramount Plus.

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