‘There’s a way bigger scandal to come’: Inside the MAFS reunion

What have you got to say, Stacey?
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Ivan Sarakula’s return to Married At First Sight on Monday night didn’t disappoint.

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The real estate agent sold his side of the story to the guys on boys’ night, and threw in a bonus to boot.

But Michael made it a fight to the death, after Ivan told him and Josh to badger his wife Aleks Markovic about their sex life and whispers that she was dating another man.

Michael said: ‘This guy lied about the whole process. Lied to the experts. Sat there and took the absolute rip out of it. And then to think he can waltz back in and say, “hey, boys. I’m back.”’

But Ivan was defiant. ‘I certainly stand confidently behind the reasons why I left and the fashion that I did so. I don’t care what anyone in there thinks of me.’

To the boys, he declared: ‘Right, I obviously left in an unconventional fashion… I never wanted to bring up anything of a sexual nature because it doesn’t have any relevance.’

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Josh cut in, ‘I heard you and Aleks both say that you’d had sex with each other.’

But Ivan wasn’t giving in. Yes, the boys are still obsessed with their sex life. ‘I don’t believe I gee’d you up to say anything at that dinner party, alright, now you can say otherwise.’

Michael snapped back, ‘That’s alright, we’ve started with lies, we can finish with lies. Did you sleep wit Aleks, yes or no.’

‘That’s something I don’t want to discuss, mate. It’s irrelevant,’ Ivan said.

‘You openly lied, for her,’ Michael replied.

Josh spoke up. ‘Why stand up for a girl that treated you like that?’

‘That’s the sort of guy that I am,’ Ivan said. ‘My decisions was to be loyal to my girl and I did that. I don’t care if she treated me like shit.’

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Michael suddenly became empathetic. ‘You’re not a pussy, you’re a gentleman.  You’re a gentleman, I’m not gonna take that away from you.’

Josh, on the other hand, wasn’t happy. ‘He just doesn’t care. He’s a spoiled little brat. I wish you’d come here today and said: “boys, I’m sorry.”’

By this stage, Mikey Pembroke was over the tit for tat. And he didn’t like the constant harassment of Ivan to divulge his sex life.’ They had some points and they made their speech, but they just kept on going. Mate, it’s a broken record. Give him a break.’

But wasn’t didn’t care. ‘You weren’t loyal to the experiment.’

‘I wasn’t here for the experiment,’ Ivan said. ‘I was here for the chick.’

Michael replied: ‘But you didn’t know who the chick was before you came into the experiment.’

Ivan wondered what the rest of Australia was wondering. ‘Why do you care so much, bro?’

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Mikey wanted to talk about something else. And quite frankly, viewers wanted them to, as well. ‘This is going in circles.’

Ivan then turned his attention to Michael’s marriage. ‘Are you and Stacey still together?’

‘Yeah, I love the girl,’ Michael said, appearing a little shaken. ‘And she knows everything. And I trust the girl. I would give her the keys to everything.’

‘I feel sorry for Michael,’ Ivan told producers. ‘He’s got no idea. He’s not in Fairy Land. He’s not in the perfect relationship.’

Turning to Michael, in front of the group, Ivan said: ‘Mate, I know a lot of shit that’s happened behind closed doors in this experiment,’ he said, before turning to producers. ‘Michael’s day will come. Very simple.’

In a separate chat with Chris and co, Ivan spilled: ‘What I know is that there is a way bigger scandal to come. It’s not my place to say.’

Chris looked shocked. ‘Stacey? A bigger scandal?’

‘It’s not my place to say,’ Ivan smirked. ‘Wait until the reunion.’

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