WATCH Tom Gleeson Gold Logie speech: ‘You should lighten the F**k up!’

One of the most brilliant Gold Logies speeches ever!
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Hard Quiz television presenter Tom Gleeson has taken out the Gold Logie win, and his speech was equal parts inspiring as it was horrifying. 

With an opening montage of past winners to kick off the Gold Logie presentation, it was 2009’s Gold Logie winner Rebecca Gibney who was the lucky actress to present the award to Gleeson. 

Rebecca gave just one piece of advice, ‘try not to drink too much’, to which Tom hilariously did not heed.  

WATCH! Tom Gleeson’s AMAZING Gold Logie speech! 

“A word to the wise stop drinking, I didn’t do that,” Gleeson began with a smile whilst clutching a wine glass on stage, much to the hilarity of the audience. 

“I’m in a tricky spot because I like it and I hate it at the same time,” the comedian joked, before launching into a speech that both called out certain audience members (CC: Grant Denyer) and drew our attention to the importance of comedy. 

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“It’s a shame this is the last Gold Logie,” Gleeson says, referencing Grant’s now infamous comments that slammed the comedian’s campaign, labelling it ‘a joke’. 

“According to Grant Denyer I’ve ruined the Logies and it’s never going to happen again, but at least I won this all by myself.” 

WATCH! Grant Denyer Calls Out Tom Gleeson for Mocking Logies

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“I will say this though, there’s been a lot of concern that I’m turning this award into a joke, but what you’re forgetting is I’m a comedian, I love jokes.

“This award has meant so many things to so many people. And that doesn’t cease to exist.

“In the past, it has represented trying to get diversity on screen and that’s fantastic.

“But for me, it’s a joke and I love jokes.

“I really think were should all lighten the f**k up, I really do.” 

Hear, hear Tom! 

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