The Bachelor star Irena’s shock exit

“My heart was torn”
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The Bachelor frontrunner Irena Srbinovska may be a strong contender for Locky Gilbert’s heart, but the kind-hearted nurse ditched filming for work during the height of COVID-19.

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When the pandemic shut down production in March, the 31-year-old says she was eager to get home and swap ball gowns for scrubs to help infected patients.

“Hearing about what was happening in the world was heartbreaking, especially being a nurse,” Irena tells New Idea.

The Bachelor Irena Locky
“My heart was torn – a part of me was selfishly devastated that the show was stopping,” says Irena Srbinovska (left) after The Bachelor’s filming shut down and she had to say goodbye to Locky Gilbert (right). (Credit: Network 10)

“My heart was torn – a part of me was selfishly devastated that the show was stopping, but then the other half was so eager to get back home and help fight Covid.”

Irena said goodbye to Locky and headed to Melbourne – but says she felt more guilt leaving behind her hometown.

The Bachelor Locky Irena
Locky and Irena have shared some steamy moments. (Credit: Network Ten)

“I felt a lot guilt getting back to Melbourne after being away. I just wanted to get back to work and help ease the pressure that my colleagues had been facing while I was away,” she says.

“So it was hard saying goodbye to Locky and the girls, but also so rewarding that I could do my part to help out with the pandemic.”

Irena also admits she’d move for love, too.

“I would move to Bali for sure. Who wouldn’t?” she says coyly.

The Bachelor Irena
“I would move to Bali for sure. Who wouldn’t?” admits Irena. (Credit: Network Ten)

Last week, fans speculated Irena would win Locky’s heart in the finale after the stunning nurse left a comment on the So Dramatic! podcast’s Instagram.

“I hope we get some more love story and less of the drama – I have stopped watching for now,” a disgruntled fan complained on Instagram about this season’s very drama-heavy plot line.

To which Irena responded: “The love story is coming I promise,” accompanied with a smiling face with love-hearts emoji.

The very telling remark had viewers convinced she would be the one left standing at the end.

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