The Bachelor’s Emma takes a swipe at Helena

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Helena Sauzier has somehow managed to make into The Bachelor’s final three despite the fact she’s unceremoniously dumped Matt Agnew not once, but TWICE, changing her mind during the hometown visit at the last minute. 

Such lack of devotion to Matt was clearly unappreciated by the latest Bachie girl to be kicked out of the mansion, Emma Roche, who didn’t exactly mince her words when the subject of Helena came up. 

Emma told Popsugar, “I’d rather be known as the clinger than a b***h,” cementing herself as this seasons’ most salty evictee. 

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Emma went on to explain that Helena managed to save herself from elimination (meaning Emma would go home instead) even after such a disastrous hometown. 

“She pulled him out because of how her hometown went down, and I didn’t know that at the time, which is why I was so shocked and not impressed,” Emma said. 

“Having watched the episode, I can see why she wanted to clear the air, and maybe that Matt just wanted to explore where her head was at.” 


For those who missed the awkward episode, Helena was left very visibly upset when Matt completely forgot how she had introduced herself to him. 

“Oh, my God, Matt… I spoke French, like, the whole time. I spoke, like, quite a lot of French,” Helena said, clearly unimpressed with the man she wants to date lacking any memory of their first meeting. 

The Bachelor
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For the rest of the episode, Helena had a full-on meltdown, trying to quit the show twice telling Matt: “If I like someone, I think I would really remember those little things. That kind of… that kind of scared me.

“I can tell that you’re not in this. My family can tell. Me, I’m just, like, ‘What am I doing here?'”

Despite Helena remaining, it seems clear to everyone that the final two are going to be Abbie and Chelsie.

The good news is that we only have to wait three short days till we find out who won Matt’s heart. 

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