Nadia Bartel’s tears: ‘It’s just so painful’

Nadia opens up about her split on TV
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It was a performance we’ll never forget. 

Eight brave ladies have bared all in The All New Monty: Ladies’ Night to raise awareness for breast cancer. 

The night featured many of Australia’s leading ladies, including award-winning singer Ella Hooper, yoga guru Simone Callahan, swimming legend Lisa CurryAustralian Idol winner Casey Donovan, TV Presenter Rachael Finch and fashion Icon Nadia Bartel.

While the one-hour special followed the ladies brave journey to strip-down for charity, there was one woman we were all waiting to hear from, newly divorced mum-of-two Nadia Bartel. 

WATCH: Nadia Bartel opens up about her split from Jimmy on Ladies’ Night

Nadia was the last of the ladies to join the crew, telling the camera: “I said yes to Ladies Night because I think what we’re doing for the whole cause of breast cancer awareness is massive. 

“Mums particularly, they’re so busy that they never go to the doctors to get checked out you know they always put themselves last.” 

Nadia then says: “I’m a mum to two beautiful boys, and their dad is ex-AFL player Jim Bartel.” 

(Credit: Channel Seven)

As flashbacks of a then-pregnant Nadia Bartel walking with her estranged husband begin the play, Nadia’s face to the interviewer loses its composure. 

“It’s been a tough time personally for me recently, it’s just so painful.” 

Audiences then see Nadia fight back tears before smiling and saying to the camera: “I’m hoping with Ladies Night it will give me more confidence. 

“Obviously we’re there for the cause, but I just think it will be great for me to put myself out there doing something that is definitely totally out of my comfort zone. 

“I think it will give me a whole new load of confidence.” 

Channel Seven
(Credit: Channel Seven)

Nadia spoke to the Herald Sun about her split on August 22, telling the publication: “Although I’m heartbroken, I don’t want to comment specifically on what’s been reported about Jim’s trip to the UK as I don’t think that is in anyone’s interests.

“My single focus now is to continue to protect, care and provide for my two beautiful boys as this is a personal matter.” 

Jimmy Bartel has also made a statement on 3AW’s pre-match coverage, admitting that the situation is “not great”.

“I am probably not going to provide any commentary on it,” the retired footy player said. “I know I am in the public eye and people are interested, but it is a private matter and I ask for a bit of respect because obviously Nadia and the boys [are] involved.”

WATCH: The All New Monty Ladies’ Night Full Performance

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