Sophie Monk: I’m pregnant and married

The star speaks out!
Channel 10

Since the finale of The Bachelorette, Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy have been caught in the middle of breakup speculation. On Sunday, Sophie finally spoke publicly about her relationship status with the millionaire publican. 

As MC for the McDonald’s Supercrew Awards, the 37-year-old blonde beauty jokingly said that the couple had ‘broken up’ and she was ‘pregnant’ and ‘married’. 

Taking the stage with fast-food chain mascot Ronald McDonald, Sophie offered him a rose. 

‘Ronald, will you accept this rose?’ she asked. 

‘If you’re that much of a loser and can’t find a girlfriend like I was?’ 

After the character accepted her kind gesture, Sophie revealed she couldn’t go on with the ceremony as she was already taken, confirming she was still with Stu.

She then added, ‘Even though the media says [we’ve] broken up, I’m pregnant and married, I’m still with the guy.’ 

You can watch the clip from the evening here. 


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