Sophie Monk reveals all about her NEW man!

And, you won’t believe where they met

It’s official, Sophie Monk is off the market!

After splitting from Bachelorette Winner Stu Laundy back in January, Sophie has revealed that she has a new bloke in her life.

Sophie Monk new love interest
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And, The Love Island host told the Kyle and Jackie O show that they kissed just hours after meeting on a flight.

‘I’m sitting next to this random and it was business class but there was no divider,’ she dished of the steamy meeting. ‘He was so charming and funny and he had no idea what I did.’

After sharing a few glasses of champagne together, Sophie decided to make a move. 

‘I was sitting there for a while and I went, “Hey, um, are you single?” She shares. ‘And he went, “Yeah.” I went, “I don’t ever get to meet people in normal scenarios and, um, can I kiss you?”’

Sophie Monk new love interest
Sophie split from Bachelorette Winner Stu Laundy back in January (Credit: Getty)

Thankfully, her new man was willing to oblige, and the pair went to the bathroom to brush their teeth before their steamy smooch. After all, no one likes bad breath!

Sophie revealed that the pair kissed for ‘a couple of hours’ back at their business class seats, but she insists it didn’t go further. But, Sophie definitely made an impression.

Bachelorette Winner Stu Laundy back in January
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‘We’ve not stopped speaking ever since,’ she said. ‘He’s not using me, he doesn’t need anything.’

The couple are yet to meet up again since their rendezvous in the air, but the reality show host confirmed that she was his girlfriend and that they plan on seeing each other soon.

‘I feel like it’s going to work,’ she says. ‘He’s normal, down to earth, intelligent. He thinks I’m smart, that’s the problem.’

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