Sonia Kruger’s high profile-friends instructed not to defend her publicly

The TV host copped vicious backlash following controversial comments.

Following her calls for a Muslim immigration ban on Monday, Sonia Kruger’s friends in the industry have been told not to support the Today Extra co-host.


Industry rivals have reportedly instructed Kruger’s friends to avoid commenting or coming to her defense, news.com.au reports

‘Ten told me not to say anything on it,’ a prominent presenter told the news outlet.

Another former colleague and famous face of TV said commenting would be ‘unwise’.

The strong stance comes after Sylvia Jeffreys attempted to defend Kruger yesterday.

The Project co-host Waleed Aly responded to Kruger’s comments last night in an editorial saying, ‘I could sit here and pull apart Sonia Kruger’s statement.’

He added, ‘I could point out that Japan has had its share of terror attacks, or that the UN has attributed Japan’s low crime rate to low inequality and low gun ownership. I could point out that if Sonia is afraid, logically, as a woman in Australia, she has a much higher chance of being murdered by a man she knows, than a Muslim from another country.

‘And I could do all of this with the best intentions, but really, all I’d be doing is encouraging the inertia of outrage that spins the Gravitron that we’re all on. I’d be fuelling the same cycle that has led to absolutely horrendous personal attacks on Sonia in the last 24 hours.

‘Sonia Kruger isn’t evil. She’s scared and she’s trying to make sense of the world. Yesterday, she admitted to not feeling safe. How do you think she feels now? And how do you expect her to react?’

Kruger’s comment came in the wake of the recent terrorist attack in France.

The TV personality isn’t backing down though, saying she has the right to talk about the issue.

‘I believe it’s vital in a democratic society to be able to discuss these issues without automatically being labelled racist,’ she wrote this afternoon on social media.

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