Simone Callahan – Why I’ll never remarry

‘Yoga saved me’
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Having previously been married to one of the nation’s most successful and controversial cricketers, Shane Warne, the 49-year-old blonde bombshell has also raised the former couple’s three children, Brooke, 22, Jackson, 20, and Summer, 17.

A self-described “introvert”, Simone, tells New Idea that discovering yoga 15 years ago while travelling around India with her ex-husband was her saviour from the crazy life she was living. “It’s helped me a lot in my life,” she says.

These days, Simone is a trained yoga teacher, has her very own space for practice in her home and shares her passion for the discipline daily with 11,000 Instagram followers.

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With her youngest, Summer, in Year 11, the Melbourne mum is looking forward to having more flexibility to immerse herself in yoga in the near future.

“I’m excited because then I can go and spend more time in India,” she says of Summer finishing school.

“I really want to go and live in the ashrams and spend time with the yogis and do all those meditations where you don’t speak for 10 days and you go up in the mountains and just live like they live.

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“I’d love to journal it because I’d love to do a book one day about my yoga journey and how good it is for your mind and body.”

A very spiritual person, Simone also opens up about a recent encounter with a reiki healer who told her she’s destined to remain single for the rest of her life.

“It has something to do with the year I was born. It means I’m no good with relationships,” Simone explains.

“Because I have relationships but I tend to push people away and I’m not good with building relationships. Because I’m sensitive to it and I pick up on it because of all the work I’ve done, now I’m so much more aware. I actually have pushed a lot of people away without even knowing.”

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With her 50th birthday looming, Simone will ring in a new decade by baring all on Channel Seven’s special one-night only event, The All New Monty: Ladies’ Night.

“I don’t like getting old,” she admits, laughing. “Does anyone like getting old? Why would you celebrate it? I’ve never been into it. There will be no celebrating the 50th!”

The proud mum – who describes her relationship with her three children as “very close” – says the only thing that was stopping her from taking part in Ladies’ Night was the prospect of embarrassing them.

“I was worried for my kids, but they were like, ‘Mum, it’s a good cause’,” she says. “They understand what it meant to me to do it and help out.”

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While her son was proud of his mum, it was too much for him to come on the night with his sisters to see Simone take her clothes off!

“He was too embarrassed,” Simone says. “He didn’t want to be sitting in that audience with all those girls.

‘‘My oldest daughter, she was in tears. She was crying by the end of it. She was just so excited and overwhelmed.”

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