Shane Warne ‘has four-way sex romp’

Shock report shows cricketer leaving his home with three women
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Shane Warne has been busted having a ‘four way sex romp’ with his lover and two sex workers according to The Sun. 

The publication claims that the interlude was so noisy it ‘woke the neighbours’. 

Images show the three women entering his $4million London home and leaving two hours later.

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“He was having quite a party in there and didn’t seem to give a damn who heard what was going on,” an onlooker told the publication. 

“He left the windows wide open and you could clearly hear all the noises.

“Shane has some very posh neighbours, including families, and it’s hard to imagine they’re not aware of what’s going on.”


According to the publication the sex workers were later identified as Davina, 19 and Poppy, 27. 

Warne’s mystery lover was not identified but was seen wearing a tight black dress and after leaving the cricketer’s property drove off in his $100,000 car. 

The sportsman, 49, is known for his womanising and was once spotted on a date with Sophie Monk last year. 

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