Liz Hurley and Simone Callahan’s sweet messages to Jackson Warne

Those closest to Jackson share how proud they are.
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Jackson Warne has finished competing in the World Series of Poker after three days but he received plenty of support from his beloved mum Simone Callahan as well as his dad Shane Warne’s ex Liz Hurley.

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Jackson posted on social media and revealed to fans who had been following his journey in Las Vegas that he had unfortunately lost the competition. 

Although disappointed, Jackson was quick to thank everybody for their support, explaining that it was “very nice” to check his phone throughout the day and see so many messages. 

Of the many messages of support Jackson received throughout the competition, the heartfelt message from his mum stood out. 

Jackson Warne
Jackson Warne competed in Las Vegas at the World Series of Poker (Credit: Instagram)

“Beyond proud of our beautiful Jackson,” Simone wrote in an Instagram post following Jackson’s final game. 

“As soon as the kids could play cards Shane taught them all how to play poker, they all loved it” Simone reminisced. 

“When Jackson turned 21, his and Shane’s dream was to play in the World Series in 2020 together.”

Devastatingly, Simone revealed that Shane had bought Jackson a ticket to the event for his 21st birthday but COVID had impacted their plans.

Jackson, Summer and Brooke
“Beyond proud.” (Credit: Instagram)

“This year Jackson went with his Dad watching from heaven and I know how proud he will be of Jackson.” 

Simone also acknowledged the “really sad circumstances” of the competition, writing that it would have “taken so much courage to play in a tournament you thought you’d be and dreamed of playing with your Dad.”

“You made it to day 3 and I know we all hoped you were going to win but this year wasn’t to be, keep playing, keep being passionate about your love of poker, keep manifesting and I hope one day your dream comes true.”

Simone’s message to Jackson was met with support from thousands of fans, who added their own messages of encouragement.

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Amongst them was Liz Hurley, who was engaged to Jackson’s father Shane from 2011 to 2013. 

“Well done, Cub xxx” she commented on Jackson’s Instagram post from day two of the competition.

The kind words came almost five months after Shane Warne died of a heart attack in Thailand. 

Whilst Liz Hurley and son Damien were unable to attend Shane’s funeral or state memorial service, they have both been vocal in their support for the family.

Jackson, Brooke, Summer and Damian
Damian Hurley caught up with Jackson, Brooke and Summer Warne in London earlier this year (Credit: Instagram)

Damian took to social media following Shane’s death earlier this year, explaining that the cricketer was “a father figure to me for most of my formative years and was truly one [of] the best men I’ve ever known.”

Liz also dedicated an International Women’s Day post to Brooke and Summer Warne, describing them as “brave” and “beautiful.”

“I love you both so much and have the happiest memories of our times together. Your daddy loved you with all his heart.”

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