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Schapelle Corby announces new addition to family
Schapelle's happy news delighted her followers on Instagram
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The convicted drug smuggler not only dropped a major hint that she’s set to become Australia’s next Bachelorette, but Queenslander Schapelle Corby also shocked her social media followers with the release of a pop song. 

On New Year’s Day, the Gold Coast brunette treated her almost 200,000 Instagram followers to a teaser of her first Eurovision-esque song called Palm Trees, recorded with singer-songwriter Nat Zeleny.

The lyrics of the 40-year-old’s new musical release appear to be a homage to her beloved Queensland, including the lines: ‘I’m in Queensland and it is sunny. I have the palm trees behind me,’ and ‘She’s back here to stay, she’s in the sunshine state. Schapelle is her name and she’s got something to say.’ 

At the time of writing, the catchy tune had amassed nearly 100,000 views, with fans giving it a somewhat lukewarm response.

‘Banger,’ commented one impressed listener.

However, another follower was quick to slam the song, saying they were ‘bleeding from the ears’.

Fans weren’t the only ones amused by Schapelle’s musical attempt. When Nat was asked what she thought of the would-be pop star’s singing abilities, she tactfully replied: ‘Let me think about how to answer this one. When you hear an advertisement, most of the time you’re not getting a Jennifer Hudson or Mariah Carey. You get a voice that is meant to be easy on your ears in the background.

‘That’s what Schapelle has. She has a quality that is really perfect for being that background voice. It’s pleasant.’

Meanwhile, fans were left wondering if persistent rumours that Schapelle is set to follow in Sophie Monk’s footsteps by becoming the Next Bachelorette were true. 

The Gold Coast beauty shared a cheeky video of herself posing with a red rose, sending her followers into meltdown. 

Social media went into a frenzy last year when Aussie fans attempted to persuade Corby to star on the hit reality dating show.


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