Toughing it out! Meet the 2021 SAS Australia contestants

Which stars will last the distance?
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It’s arguably the most physically and mentally demanding reality TV show on Australian screens, but SAS Australia is back for another year. As for this year’s celebrity recruits – you’ll probably recognise a few.

WATCH: SAS Australia 2021: Sneak peek

Last year, rugby player and former Bachelor Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, comedian Merrick Watts and AFLW player Sabrina Frederick were the only three stars to complete the course so we’ve seen how tough this show is.

Elite ex-Special Forces soldiers Ant Middleton, Mark “Billy” Billingham, Jason “Foxy” Fox, and Ollie Ollerton are all back for another season as the Directing Staff (DS), and on Monday, Channel Seven officially announced the 18 famous faces tackling the military course.

“ANNOUNCING: These 18 Star Recruits are set to face #SASAustralia’s most difficult course yet. Who will have the strength to tough it out to the end?” the network penned on social media.

Keep scrolling to see who’s tackling the SAS Australia 2021 course.

SAS Australia
Recruits ready? The SAS Australia contestants are set for their biggest challenge yet. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Koby Abberton, 42

Can this former professional surfer use his athletic prowess to get to the end?

Koby Abberton
Koby Abberton (Credit: Instagram)

Bonnie Anderson, 26

She may have won last year’s season of The Masked Singer but singer and Neighbours star Bonnie is in for her biggest challenge yet.

Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie Anderson (Credit: Instagram)

Sam Burgess, 32

NRL player Sam has been the subject of several legal issues but if ever there was a show to prove yourself, it’s SAS.

Sam And Phoebe Burgess
Sam Burgess (Credit: Instagram)

Isabelle Cornish, 26

She’s graced our screens on shows including Puberty Blues and Home and Away but can actress Isabelle handle the pressures of military life?

Isabelle Cornish
Isabelle Cornish (Credit: Instagram)

Brynne Edelsten, 38

US-born Brynne rose to fame when she married billionaire Geoffrey Edelsten so let’s see if this socialite can handle life without any glitz or glamour.

Brynne Edelsten
Brynne Edelsten (Credit: Instagram)

Dan Ewing, 35

We all know and love him as Heath Braxton on Home and Away and though he’s used to playing a tough guy on screen, we’ll have to see if the real Dan can handle the gruelling course.

Dan Ewing
Dan Ewing (Credit: Instagram)
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Manu Feildel, 47

Hot off the heels of Dancing With The Stars, Manu is set to star on another Seven reality show! The TV chef may have a rude awakening when it comes to the food that’s served on set…

Manu Feildel
Manu Feildel (Credit: Instagram)

Erin Holland, 32

Former Miss World Australia Erin may live a glamorous life but perhaps she could be one of this season’s dark horses…

Erin Holland
Erin Holland (Credit: Instagram)

Emma Husar, 40

Labor politician Emma stepped down from her position after allegations of bullying and harassment arose. We bet this former MP will have an intense interrogation courtesy of the DS.

Emma Husar
Emma Husar (Credit: Instagram)

Jett Kenny, 27

He’s got the looks and physical strength as an ironman, but Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny’s son needs to prove he has the mental strength if he wants to make it all the way to the end.

Jett Kenny
Jett Kenny (Credit: Instagram)
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Alicia Molik, 40

This former tennis champ has won Grand Slam titles and even boasts a bronze Olympic medal so we expect big things from Alicia.

Alicia Molik
Alicia Molik (Credit: Getty)

Pete Murray, 51

Singer-songwriter Pete may have skills in the creative department but he’ll need to show what he’s made of when it comes to the SAS challenges.

Pete Murray
Pete Murray (Credit: Instagram)

Jessica Peris, 31

Fans may recognise sprinter Jessica as the daughter of Olympian and Survivor star Nova Peris and for her four year ban for taking steroids. Perhaps she asked her mum for reality TV tips…

Jessica Peris
Jessica Peris (Credit: Twitter)

Mark Philippoussis, 44

Another ex-tennis player, another Masked Singer alum! Let’s hope Mark fairs better on SAS than he did on the singing reality show.

Mark Philippoussis
Mark Philippoussis (Credit: Instagram)

Jana Pittman, 38

Budding obstetrician and former dual 400-metre hurdles world champion Jana is also a mum-of-four so she’s led a full and varied life. This show will either make or break her!

Jana Pitman
Jana Pittman (Credit: Instagram)

Kerri Pottharst, 55

Back in 2000, Kerri won a gold medal at the Olympics for beach volleyball and is one of the sport’s most famous faces. Let’s see if she can be as tough on SAS as she is on the court.

Kerri Pottharst
Kerri Pottharst (Credit: Instagram)

Heath Shaw, 35

Following in his dad Ray’s footsteps, Heath Shaw has seen great success playing AFL but this time on SAS will be the grand final of all grand finals.

Heath Shaw
Heath Shaw (Credit: Getty)

John Steffensen, 38

Former track and field Olympian turned motor racer John is unafraid of danger so let’s see if this adrenaline junkie can excel at this year’s challenges.

John Steffensen
John Steffensen. (Credit: Instagram)

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