Sam Frost SLAMS troll for questioning her decision to keep surname after marriage

"I'm not in the mood Mike."
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Sam Frost has taken aim at a troll who criticised her decision not to take fiancé Jordie Hansen’s surname once they tie the knot.

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Posting to her Instagram Stories, Sam shared a message from the troll who seemed to take umbrage with her choice to keep her family name.

“Hi Sam, re your story, my friend wants to know how you will explain to your future children why their mother has a different surname to them,” the message read.

Sam and Jordie will tie the knot next year. (Credit: Instagram)

Sam hit back: “It will be quite easy and simple Mike. I will tell them it’s because I didn’t want too. And my surname is important to me.

“But they won’t care, because they will have a mum who loves them unconditionally. Thanks for your concern though.”

She captioned the rude message, “Not in the mood Mike”.

It comes after the Home and Away actress took to Instagram on Monday night to spill details about her and Jordie’s engagement, including her choice to veer away from tradition and keep her surname.

Sam wasn’t in the mood for trolls. (Credit: Instagram)

“I don’t plan on changing my surname. I told Jord that on our first date, to manage expectations,” she revealed over a photo from his proposal.

“He didn’t bat an eyelid and replied, ‘that’s fair enough, why should you change your name?”

Sam explained that she loves that some people do change their last names, calling it a “beautiful commitment”, but confessed the tradition just isn’t for her.

“I’ve always felt uncomfortable about it. It’s my identity, it’s my family and I feel deeply connected to my surname,” she continued.

“Very grateful to have a supportive and understanding partner. Our future babies will be ‘Hansen’ though.”

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