Pete Evans warns women about impersonator

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My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has issued a warning to women over impersonator accounts on social media.

The 46-year-old took to Instagram to reveal that several fake social media accounts have been created “attempting to discredit and attack” his reputation.

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The post reads: “Over the last ten or so years there have been a number of people that have set up Twitter, FB and instagram accounts as well as emails and even websites impersonating me and reaching out to people asking for money or attempting to discredit and attack my reputation.”

The lengthy post continued: “This latest one pictured has been doing the rounds and I can assure you it isn’t me or any of our team. If anything like this appears in your inboxes or on your pages please simply report it to the relevant platforms.”

The warning was accompanied by a screenshot of a message from an impostor account. 


“You a very beautiful woman and you seem like a nice lady” read the message. 

It continued: “Are you single? If yes then it’s your lucky day, kisses and hugs for you. My private email, [email protected]”. 


Fans were quick to comment on the post and they did not disappoint. 

“So I take it that the wedding is off and the 40,000 cash I sent you towards our dream life will be put back into my account” wrote one fan. 

Another added: “Damn, I thought my charms had finally worked on you!”

A third chimed in: “Can the real Pete Evans please stand up, please stand up, please stand up”. 

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