Penny McNamee bids emotional goodbye to Home & Away

"My heart is so full!"
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Penny McNamee’s time on Home & Away has officially come to an end and the actress has penned some emotional words to mark her departure.

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Following her final episode on the popular soap, Penny, 38, took to Instagram to reflect on her time in Summer Bay playing Tori Morgan and express her gratitude to the cast and crew.

Sharing a series of photos from her time on the show, she began her post with: “⭐️Spoiler alert⭐️.”

“After 5 amazing years, the time has come for me to say goodbye to Tori Morgan and Summer Bay. 💖”

“I feel incredibly grateful for my time at @homeandaway and I would like to thank many people for making it possible.

“Firstly, to our incredible producers @lucyaddario and Julie McGauren for gifting me this amazing role. And to my wonderful agents Matt Andrews and David Sheridan at @marqueemgt.”

Penny took to Instagram to share a series of photos from her time on Home & Away. (Credit: Instagram)

She continued: “Thank you to our outstanding and warm-hearted cast (past and present) crew, writers, publicists and production team, for your warmth, your humour and your friendship.”

Penny proceeded to thank H&A fans for supporting her throughout the years and for their “encouragement and hilarious photo-edits”, as well as their letters and comments.

She also thanked family and friends who have cared for her “kiddos” as well as her girlfriends who she referenced as her “confidants and cheerleaders” throughout her H&A journey. 

In the show, Tori and Christian got hitched before moving to London for a job opportunity. (Credit: Instagram | Channel Seven)

The actress’ final thank you was to a very special someone, ending her tribute by writing: “And finally, to my husband Matt. Thank you for making it all possible. For the constant sacrifices you made – big and small. Thank you for always being my greatest supporter, my best friend, my love.

“My heart is so full!  Goodbye and thank you Home & Away☀️🎬❤️ Xxx”

Quick to comment was Home & Away alum Jake Ryan who played Robbo on the soap. The actor shared his love for his former screen-buddy.

“Big loves Pen Pen. You are a absolute delight, hugely talented, top shelf professional and hilarious, caring woman. A pleasure to share a screen (and a baby) with you ❤️❤️❤️.”

Penny delighted in the message, responding: “hahaha Jakey! I loved our time together too and am so proud of the story we told. You are an absolute gem Jake, always so kind and sweet to everyone. Catch up with our REAL babies soon;) xx”

Jake Ryan (right) penned a sweet message of support for his former co-star. (Credit: Instagram | Channel Seven)

Leaving the Bay along with Penny is her on-screen husband Dr. Christian Green, played by Ditch Davey. 

In the show, Tori and Christian leave Summer Bay for an exciting job offer in London.

Speaking to Who about her final episode, Penny claimed that the wedding storyline was the “perfect send-off” for her character, while also revealing she was “holding a few real tears back on the day”.

The 38-year-old also said she was “at peace” with her decision to leave Home & Away. 

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