Outrage as Eddie McGuire keeps his job – again

Eddie McGuire keeps his job after another humiliating apology

Eddie McGuire keeps his job after another humiliating apology, outraging many who think he should be gone from Collingwood.

McGuire was forced to apologise to his own board, but will stay on but will stay on as Magpies president.

The Collingwood board released a statement on Tuesday night saying they had accepted McGuire’s apology.

‘The board accepted Eddie McGuire’s unreserved apology for inappropriate on-air comments he made last week. It also expressed its complete and ongoing support for his position as president,’ the statement said.

‘The board and the club take the matters raised by these comments seriously. The club respects its values and its position in the football and broader communities.’

McGuire came under fire on Monday for a ‘violent ‘joke’ he made about about journalist Caroline Wilson, during ‘the Big Freeze at the G’.

McGuire said he would pay $50,000 to see Wilson stay under the water, adding, ‘I reckon we could charge $10,000 for everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her.’

Responding to backlash on Triple M’s Breakfast show, McGuire said, ‘It was all done in the spirit of the fun of the day and seeing who would be next going down the slide.’

Journalist Tracy Spicer responded, saying, ‘Keeping people like McGuire on air reflects appallingly on Channel 9 and Triple M. The media is indeed a mirror of society, but it can be a powerful instrument of change.’

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