Inside Osher Gunsberg’s parenting joy with son Wolfie

Too precious for words!

Osher Gunsberg has shared an adorable behind-the-scenes snap to Instagram of him and his look-a-like son on the set of The Masked Singer Australia season five. 

The now four-year-old was all smiles with his dad, the pair looking at each other with adoration as they posed for the camera. 

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“Always a delight when @audreygriffen and Wolfie come to @themaskedsingerau – especially as he was almost born during the finale of @codysimpson’s season one win,” penned the doting dad. 

“Sometimes if he sees us doing publicity shots he runs on stage and jumps in. How could we say no?” Osher added with a laugh. 

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Wolfgang, more commonly known as Wolfie by his proud mum and dad, entered the world on August 23, 2019, and it’s safe to say it was love at first sight for Osher.

When Osher Gunsberg and his wife Audrey Griffen introduced their baby boy to the world, the Bachelor host confessed that they were “in love and drowning in gratitude, oxytocin, and new baby smell.”

All smiles for the camera! (Credit: Channel Ten)

In August 2023, Osher took to his Instagram account to share a tribute to mini me son. 

“Happy 4th birthday to my co-designer Wolfgang. We’re working up a virtual set environment on Unreal Engine to see just what we can create within our production budgets. Kid knows his textures I’ll give him that! Get set for a whole series in a world built of marshmallows.”

“Happy birthday buddy. You’ve got the kindness of your mum, the drive of your sister, and apparently the smile of your dad, but I wouldn’t know what your mum is talking about…,” Osher wrote at the time.  

Celebrating four years earthside. (Credit: Instagram)

Just weeks earlier, he shared another happy snap with Wolfie, the pair enjoying some wind-down time on the set of The Masked Singer. 

“Rehearsals for the @maskedsingerau went pretty well yesterday – our new Assistant Floor Manager Wolfie was helping me block out the big “Take it Off” moment,” the veteran TV host joked. 

“It’s incredible. It’s always nice when Wolf comes to visit – considering @audreygriffen went into labour in the studio while we were filming the finale for @codysimpson’s season 1 victory, the whole crew considers him “The Masked Singer baby.”

“He’s clearly not a baby anymore, and was back on comms right after we shot this barking “Dad we’re 15 down and the crew have a hard meal break at 1430 – quit fartasing around and finish your run-through. He’ll go a long way.”

Some downtime on The Masked Singer set. (Credit: Instagram)

The TV personality, 49, who is also a devoted stepdad to his wife’s daughter Georgia from a previous relationship, shared some stunning black and white photos with his newborn son at the time of his birth.

“To say that the smell of him seeped into my brain and started to rewire things is an incredible understatement,” Osher confessed on Instagram when discussing skin-to-skin contact.

“We are now a few days in, and between feeds & nappy changes – whenever I can I’m whipping off my shirt and charging up on this little guy like he’s an induction stove.” 

Osher and Wolfie
The TV personality has confessed that “parenting is full of rewards” that go beyond the “incredible spiritual growth that kicks in.” (Credit: Instagram)

Whether he’s comparing Wolfie on his back to Yoda or singing a song about coconut bum cream, Osher has kept it real about parenting a newborn and even started his own podcast with Home and Away‘s Charlie Clausen about all things being a dad.

“Looking around, the podcasts that we found around parenting were all very mum-focused which was fair enough, but there was no dad stuff,” Osher told our sister publication Now To Love shortly after Wolfie’s birth.

“Sure, there was the ‘Here’s how your baby survives when you’ve got it by yourself’. Like come on, let’s do a little bit more than that, let’s do a little bit more than parenting for dummies. There was nothing about, ‘OK that’s great but how do I feel? I’m now terrified. So we decided to start a podcast around that.”

Osher loves being a devoted dad to Wolfie. (Credit: Instagram)

Osher has also confessed that “parenting is full of rewards” that go beyond the “incredible spiritual growth that kicks in” and listed some of those rewards in an adorable Instagram post.

“Nuzzles, Eskimo Kisses, bath time cuddles, Baby Carrying, Using the kids as an excuse to get out of absolutely every social commitment for about fifteen years…

“Discovering new music on the way to weekend sports as they play the hype up tracks, going to bed before 9pm, knowing way too many Pitbull songs, doing more laundry than you thought humanly possible, and above all: LEAVING THE HOUSE IN TRACK PANTS,” he wrote. ⁠

Osher and Wolfie
Osher says being a husband and dad is the most important job he has. (Credit: Instagram)

Following an outbreak of COVID-19 on the set of The Masked Singer, host Osher was forced to spend two weeks in hotel quarantine.

The timing, however, was unfortunate, as it meant that he missed Wolfie’s first birthday.

“One year ago today we brought Wolfgang home,” Osher captioned a black and white photo of himself and his newborn son on the milestone birthday.

“As always, the guidance of my wife @audreygriffen has allowed me to navigate this adventure as much as it has helped me figure out how to be the best man I could be for Georgia.”

Wolfie and Osher
Happy memories. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite the negative side of the situation, Osher reflected on how the pandemic has affected others since many have been separated from their loved ones.

“I’m still a work in progress, I still make heaps of mistakes, but I’m a very different person to who I was,” he confessed.

“I know I’m not alone in missing my family. I know there’s a lot of people who can’t be with their loved ones right now. It sucks that’s for sure, but it is the thing that we need to do to keep everybody safe,” he said.

“We will be able to deal with this, we will be able to cope. A day at a time, an hour at a time if we need to. Xx”

Introducing baby Wolfie to the world. (Credit: Instagram)

In an emotional chat with our sister publication the Australian Women’s WeeklyOsher confirmed that the best part of his life, career and all, is being a husband and a father.

“The most important job I have, which is being a husband and father, is the one I do best,” he told the publication.

“All I want to do is build a future for these kids, that’s it. And for someone as selfish as me that’s a big deal.”

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