EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Hipworth reveals “time flies on Dessert Masters”

He spills on what goes on inside the MasterChef Australia kitchen.
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At just seven year’s old, Morgan Hipworth knew he wanted to compete on MasterChef Australia. Two years later he became a guest judge on the junior version, and in 2023 he made his mark on MasterChef’s Dessert Masters.

New Idea sat down with Morgan to chat about how his baking empire exploded and what’s next for Dessert Masters’ youngest contestant.

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Morgan’s journey to MasterChef was short but sweet. He is a famous young Australian chef, who went viral on social media for his sweet treats, his dessert empire, and reality TV presence in the foodie community.

He opened his first bakery in Melbourne at just 15 year’s old, naming it after the make-believe restaurant he would “work at” as a child, Bistro Morgan. 

“Each weekend I cooked a three-course meal for my family and friends and grandparents, and made them score the dishes out of 10,” he tells New Idea.

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Morgan Hipworth at the start of his baking career. (Credit: Instagram)

When asked what made him join MasterChef Dessert Masters in 2023, he tells us: “I think for me it was like an amazing opportunity, you know, to be among some of, you know, the absolute best in the industry.”

“I went into it wanting to try and learn and absorb as much as I possibly could from the experience. And I think I definitely got that out of it,” he explained.

Hipworth made it to ninth place in the competition, but was knocked out due to his Peach Melba. The judges said the berry liqueur sorbet was too strong.  

“I think I sort of second guessed myself when it came to, you know, how strong the Gelato was and where they were gonna be able to taste the Raspberry,” he admitted. “I knew I’d made the recipe before with the original amount and I knew it worked and the only reason I ended up putting more in was when Melissa asked if it would be enough.”

“Make sure you’re confident in yourself and don’t second guess yourself,” he tipped to the next contestants.

Morgan Hipworth on Masterchef Dessert Masters. (Credit: Instagram)

As for his professional inspirations, Hipworth has a few.

“I took a photo with Adriano Zumbo when I was 13 and you know, I was taking one of his courses and and learning off of him back when he had his big Macaron empire,” he gushed.

He also shouted out co-star Anna Polyviou, who “always supported me for years and used to come to some of the markets and pop-up stores that I used to do when I was 15 and 16.”

“To now be you know on the same level and competing against these guys is something that I never dreamed of,” 22-year-old Morgan went on.

Morgan Hipworth is opening up a restaurant, Maven, with chef Daniel Neytha. (Credit: Instagram)

What’s next for Hipworth? He’s put all his savings from Bistro Morgan into his new restaurant, Maven, which is set to open in the next five weeks in Melbourne.

“We’re doing modern Australian food, and yes, it’s a really good place for me to showcase my skills, you know, outside just the dessert,” he revealed.

But not to worry, he’s still going to “nail that dessert menu along with the pastry display every day!”

Dessert Masters airs Sunday to Tuesday at 7:30pm, on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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