MKR star Colin Fassnidge: What I really think of the other judges

What the celebrity chef really thinks.
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Knives and forks at the ready, fanatical foodies Manu Feildel, Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge can’t wait for the start of the hot new season of My Kitchen Rules, which will see some exciting changes to Australia’s favourite cooking show.

(Credit: Lawrence Furzey)

Ahead of the show’s big premiere next Monday, January 29, Colin Fassnidge has taken some time out to speak exclusively to New Idea. 

Do you still love MKR?

I wouldn’t do it if I hated it. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I have a great passion for what I do. I still have a hand in the kitchen, I still have my restaurant, which makes for long days, but it’s not hard if you have a laugh with the guys.

So you three really do like each other?

That’s what gets me. Every year there’s a story about how much we hate each other, but you can see how wrong it is if you follow my Instagram. We are all in the same car going to work, laughing. I spent Christmas at Manu’s and he had New Year at mine. That’s how much we hate each other!

Lawrence Furzy
(Credit: Lawrence Furzy)

How do you cope with your sex symbol status?

It’s weird. I was always the nerd as a kid, goofy teeth and stiff Lego hair, never got a date. Suddenly in my 40s, I’m a sex symbol. I take it with a big pinch of salt.

What does your family think about it?

My kids think I’m an idiot, just an embarrassment. They laugh at my accent and criticise the way I judge. Then they show me how to do it properly at home. When I cook for them, they mark me and try to put on this stupid Irish accent.

Would you like any more children?

I want a son! There’s too many women in the house and I’m at the bottom. I used to be top. It can only get worse as my daughters grow up. When puberty kicks in I’m getting a shed, or I’ll just go down and live with Manu.


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