Miriam Margolyes regrets not looking after her health sooner

After ignoring her health, the star now fears a difficult future.
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Honest to a fault, Miriam Margolyes wishes she’d made different lifestyle choices in her youth, as she now finds herself unable to walk freely because of ongoing health issues.

So serious is her situation, the British actress fears she’ll soon “be in a wheelchair”.

Miriam made the admissions during a new interview on the How To Fail podcast. 

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She professed that she only had herself to blame for her predicament.

“The one thing I have not conquered and should have conquered is my weight,” a frank Miriam stated.

“I am fat. And to be fat and 82 is truly pathetic.

“I’ve limited my life because of my longing for fudge or chopped liver, cheesecake. All these absurdities, I shouldn’t have been so greedy, (I should) have been stronger.

“It wasn’t joy, it was laziness, it was greed –and I regret it,” she added.

Miriam on the red carpet for the World Premiere of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. (Credit: Getty)

Miriam further explained that her weight led her to being diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

The condition occurs when there is too much pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, which makes walking very difficult.

Calling it, perhaps rather unfairly, a “major failure”, Miriam added: “I’m going to be in a wheelchair before I’m much older.”

Miriam attends the UK Premiere of “The Carer” at the Regent Street Cinema on August 5, 2016. (Credit: Getty)

In the same interview, Miriam admitted to also having aesthetic reservations due to not taking better care of herself.

“I would like to be better looking, I would like to have a flatter tummy, and a stronger back and longer legs. But f–k it, here I am,” the actress said.

The revelations come after Miriam posed topless in British Vogue’s July issue and also appeared on the publication’s cover. 

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Miriam on the Travel Agency in 1997. (Credit: Getty)

In the accompanying interview, Miriam reflected on another recent health episode which landed her in the hospital emergency room.

In May this year, Miriam had to undergo a common surgical procedure to treat aortic stenosis, which is a narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve.

However, shortly afterwards the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries star contracted a chest infection, which kept her in the hospital for far longer than anticipated. 

“I spoke too soon. Can’t come home yet: I have a chest infection. Probably tomorrow. But at least I’m resting. Love to all. Thankyou for your lovely messages.” (Credit: Facebook)

Miriam has since confirmed that she now needs further heart surgery.

As the popular author and documentarian juggles her busy work schedule
with her mounting health issues, Miriam says that she’s been increasingly forced to confront her own mortality.

“When you’re young, you never think about death,” a reflective Miriam told Vogue. “I think about death a lot.”

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