MAFS’ Mel Lucarelli reveals her harrowing COVID experience

“The past few weeks have been some of the worst.”
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Former Married at First Sight bride Melissa Lucarelli has revealed the challenges that come with having COVID-19 and isolating alone.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Melissa Lucarelli discusses ‘breaking the drought’

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday morning, Mel released a detailed post about her experience with COVID, which was made scarier given that she lives alone, with her family interstate.

“The past few weeks have been some of the worst, scariest s**t,” she began.

“Got hit with covid, hard! Made worse by the fact that it was over Christmas/NY so medical help was hard to access.

“Not to mention Sydney had blown up with covid craziness making testing near impossible.”

Mel has opened up about her harrowing experience with the COVID-19 virus. (Credit: Instagram)

She went on to recap the experience in a grid post, detailing that she started feeling unwell on Monday, December 20, with things quickly worsening.

“By Friday 24 December – I was an absolute mess,” she wrote.

“Symptoms were at a peak. Fever was so high. Hallucinations, delirium, confusion. Throat so painful, like it was on fire and as if I had something huge stuck in there,” she recounted.

“Adding to this the fact that I was alone, and my anxiety had spiralled, the next 48 hours was without question the worst I’ve felt.”

“If you live alone like me, don’t have a partner or family nearby, pre-organise someone that you can call up to help you.” (Credit: Instagram)

Mel went on to reiterate how important it was to have a support person on standby for those living alone.

“If you live alone like me, don’t have a partner or family nearby, pre-organise someone that you can call up to help you. Whether that’s dropping you off supplies or driving you to get medical help!” she wrote.

“Obviously it’s not something you can just ask anyone like the guy you went on two dates with, so ask a friend, a colleague, a neighbour. Just reach out now so if the time comes you have that,” Mel advised humorously.

Mel with her on-screen husband, Dino Hira. (Credit: Nine)

Mel is best known for stint on MAFS, where she was unsuccessful at finding love with her match, Dino Hira, and has remained single since then.

“Finding your person, it’s hard – finding a good guy, it’s very hard,” she told WHO last year.

“I did break the drought,” she divulged, referencing her well-documented decade without sex, which came up during her time on the show.

“But I haven’t found my person. I need more help,” she joked.

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