Shock report: ‘Matthew Perry has six months to live’

Top-selling American publication makes very disturbing claims
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After stepping out looking dishevelled and downcast, reportedly with overgrown fingernails and stained clothing, friends fear for Matthew Perry’s health, claims a shocking US report today.

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‘Matt has packed on over 50 pounds. He’s overweight, out of shape and not taking care of his personal hygiene. He looks like a bum,’ an insider snitched to top-selling Us publication GLOBE.

The source also added that pals fear the former Friends star – who has battled drug addiction and depression – may be back on the pills.

‘His pants are stained with God knows what and his hair is a tousled mess. People are really concerned he’s abusing pills and drinking again, and that’s a virtual death sentence for someone who’s had as many health issues as he’s had,’ they added.

The very disturbing Globe magazine story that has the US talking (Credit: Globe magazine)

The publication further claims that his co stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are worried and have tried to stage an intervention, but he’s ignoring their efforts.

‘He’s shunned them and won’t return their calls,’ adds the insider.

(Credit: Media Mode)
(Credit: Media Mode)

An unnamed ‘pal’ is also quoted as claiming that if he doesn’t make any drastic changes to his lifestyle ‘then he’ll be dead within six months’. There is no clear evidence presented in Globe‘s report to back up the horrendous claim. 

However, medical experts are referenced as suggesting that if the actor is back on the pills and booze then he should get to rehab ‘immediately otherwise the progression is liver damage, diabetes and heart attack’ and ultimately death.

Matthew’s rep is yet to respond to Globe‘s horrifying claims. Whatever the truth, we hope he is doing OK. 

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