Married At First Sight Jessika and Dan’s affair

New steamy kiss pics revealed!

On Wednesday night’s episode of Married At First sight the ultimate betrayal takes place as Jessika and Dan engage in a steamy kiss at the dinner party. 

After hearing that her husband Mick no longer wants any part of their relationship, Jessika goes straight in for the kill and heavily flirts with Dan. 

After Tamara and Dan have a little spat over her calling him doll, Tamara marches off to speak to other guests and Jessika seizes her opportunity. 

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“How are you finding things with Tamara?” she says pouting. 

“Hard. I can’t find that spark. I’m a goosebumps kind of guy,” says Dan clearly inviting her in. 

Jessika talks about the breakdown of her marriage to Mick adding “I need to see if there are any more chances here before I leave though…”

“You have to know what you want and go for it,” says Dan. 

Meanwhile Tamara is telling Jules she’s in to Dan and Dan is into her, she appears not to notice that her husband is literally undressing Jessika with his eyes. 

Jessika suggests they go and speak alone “We can go and speak separately if you want,” she whispers in his ear. 

They both head outside. Tamara is strangely oblivious.

“Look you’re a very good-looking guy I can’t walk away from this without knowing if there could be something between you and I…” says Jessika wasting no time. 

It starts to rain and the pair start to make silly puns.

“Are you getting wet?” he moans. 

“Yes so wet! She coos, they move somewhere else and indulge in some serious tonsil hockey then hatch a plan for Jessika to say stay so she can get to know Dan some more. 

“I feel so giddy and silly! I feel so excited and passionate!” She later gushes. 

“I don’t know how to explain it. There’s some kind of chemistry there. Do I stick it out with Tam or do I jump ship?” says Dan. 

Is this Ines and Sam 2.0? Let’s wait and see!

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