MAFS spoiler alert! What REALLY happened after the final vows

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It’s been the most controversial and shocking season of Married at First Sight ever. From cheating spouses to partner swaps, a virgin and explosive physical fights, the reality show has never produced so much drama. But with the final vows, dinner party and reunion set to air shortly, New Idea can reveal what went down when the cameras stopped rolling and everything that happened at the most intense reunion in the show’s history.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! 

Dan and Jess


The most shocking couple of the season, Jess and Dan, made the bold call to ditch their chosen spouses for one another, but despite all the heartbreak, after the final vows, they barely saw one another again.

After the severe backlash over their affair emerged when the show aired, Jess and Dan decided to “fake” a relationship to keep up appearances. “Jess contacted Dan a few weeks ago and begged him to play along with it so that they wouldn’t look so bad,” a close insider reveals.

Martha and Michael 


Still happy and in love Martha and Michael have done the experts proud by giving their relationship a go once the cameras stopped rolling and they’re still as smitten as they were on their wedding day! “They are truly one of the show’s success stories and they’re really in love!” the source spills.

Ning and Mark 


They’ve had major ups and downs throughout the experiment so fans didn’t hold out much hope for the straight-shooting, mother-of-three Ning and ex-Army husband Mark. But in a shocking twist, Ning will finally admit she is ready to commit, but Mark has other plans.

“Mark finally had enough and he said it was over. He was so shocked she had a change of heart and has been left devastated since then,” our spy tells.

Heidi and Mike 


Their journey on MAFS was a roller-coaster of emotions for both Heidi and Mike, who after years of being single were ready to commit to a long-term partnership. But unfortunately, mere weeks after their final vows, where they reveal they’re in love and moving in together, everything fell apart after just two days!

“It just didn’t work for them outside of the show,” says the insider. “Heidi found out Mike had felt pressured to say he loved her and couldn’t deal with it. He was spotted at the pub chatting up girls a week later.” Ouch!

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