MAFS Jules is BETRAYED by a loved one in the lead up to her wedding

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It’s meant to be the happiest time in Jules Robinson‘s life.


She’s about to marry the man she fell for on Married At First Sight – for real – and hoped all of their loved ones would enjoy the ride with them.

But one has enjoyed the ride a little too much, betraying the glamorous redhead and her hubby-to-be for cash!

The incident went down at Jules and Cam Merchant‘s engagement party last month, held at Camperdown Commons’ Acre Eatery in Sydney.

It was an extravagant affair, with 200 of their nearest and dearest there to celebrate their nuptials which will be held later this year.

“Literally within a few hours someone had leaked photos from the inside out, which is very hurtful because it was a friend – obviously not a friend anymore,” Jules told 9Honey Celebrity, after she herself was accused of pocketing $50,000 for the function.


“They were selling photos from the inside, which is just really disappointing and a betrayal of trust to think that they’re gonna make money from an event,” Jules, 37, explained to the website.

“Then to be told from the press that we’ve made money, when we spent a lot of our own money and didn’t make a single cent from our engagement party! It wasn’t about that for us.”

Cam, 35, added that some “wonderful people” did help to make the event one to remember.

“We had help. We had some wonderful people that reached out and got involved, which was amazing.

“We really appreciate that and it made the party spectacular, but it was a combined effort.”

No word on who the naughty friend was.

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