Domenica’s fury after Italian boyfriend’s identity is EXPOSED!

"It was his wish to be kept private and to stay out of the spotlight."
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Married At First Sight star Domenica Calarco is fuming after a local gossip site leaked the true identity of the mystery man she’s been dating in Italy.

The reality TV star recently announced she’d found a new romance on a trip through Europe but was keeping the Italian’s identity private at his own request.

WATCH: MAFS’ Domenica reacts to mystery beau’s identity being leaked

Referring to him only as “Mr Napoli” on her and Ella Ding’s podcast, Sit With Us, Domenica said she was happy but wanted to respect his wish for privacy.

That all changed this week when So Dramatic! released photos from the man’s private Instagram account which showed him and Dom cuddled up on a date together.

The gossip site published the man’s name, Andre Zitt, and private Instagram handle, prompting Domenica to post a furious statement on her Instagram on Tuesday night.

Dom wasn’t happy about her beau’s identity being leaked. (Credit: Instagram)

“In last week’s podcast episode I spoke about a man that I have been seeing in Italy. It was his wish to be kept private and to stay out of the spotlight,” she penned.

“It has come to my attention that a certain media outlet has gone on some kind of hunt for information and found his identity and leaked photos that he has posted to his private Instagram account.

“@sodramaticonline you listen to the podcast episode and hear me say he wants his identity kept private yet you go out of your way to do this. How am I supposed to have any kind of normal relationship if this s—t continues to happen?”

Domenica was “p—sed off and annoyed” by the leak but more concerned for her Italian beau Andre, adding that she “felt bad” his privacy had been exposed against his wishes.

Dom spoke about her Italian lover on her podcst with Ella Ding, but said he did not want his identity revealed. (Credit: Instagram)

Followers then questioned how Domenica ever thought she could keep her romance private given her massive reality TV profile here in Australia.

Taking to her stories, she explained that Andre had “no idea who she was” because he’d never seen MAFS and she “actually likes that” about their connection.

“He was thrust into this literally in the last two weeks,” she continued.

“The podcast is part of my life, who I’m dating is part of my life and people are interested… [but] I’m telling people that he wants to not be out there, he wants to keep it private.”

“He was thrust into this literally in the last two weeks,” she said. (Credit: Instagram)

She continued: “And if people decide they want to go and try to find out who he is and write all these stories and leak photos, you’re just going against what I’m asking for.”

Though she clarified that going on a show like MAFS opened her up to media attention, Domenica seemed frustrated that people had hunted Andre’s identity down against her wishes.

The situation raises an interesting question about the privacy of reality TV contestants and those around them, as even though stars like Domenica have a public profile, they should still be able to maintain a private life too.

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