MAFS Keller engaged: Meet my bride

The reality star's true love was right in front of him all along.

Love was waiting for Married At First Sight star Craig Keller where he least expected it
– with a gorgeous single mum he’s known since primary school.

‘We’ve known each other so long,’ laughs the former navy engineer, who proposed to his ‘best friend’ Katie Martin three weeks ago after reconnecting 
by chance at a club in December.

‘We played clarinet together in the primary school band and we’ve stayed friends ever since. But to be honest, I always thought Katie was out of my league,’ explains the 27-year-old Queenslander.

‘But when
I bumped into her at the club, 
I felt this electric chemistry in the air. Later that night, I just grabbed her and kissed her, and we’ve been together ever since.’

Keller mafs
(Credit: Instagram )

Heavily-tattooed Craig is best known for his failed marriage 
to teacher Nicole Heir on season four of MAFS.

During a booze-fuelled meal filmed for the hit reality show, he was accused of ‘slut shaming’ contestant Bella, while Nicole later claimed she ‘didn’t feel safe’ around him 
due to his alleged issues with alcohol and pain medication.

Keller Nicole Mafs
(Credit: Channel 9)

‘It was devastating, but at the end of the day, I know the truth,’ says Craig, revealing he’s ‘pretty much’ kicked alcohol since getting together with 28-year-old pharmacy technician Katie.

‘There’s no need to drink.
 I don’t really associate with my old group of friends any more, because they’re still going out partying and I don’t want that now. My life revolves around Katie and the kids and that’s the way I like it.’

And Katie had no hesitation saying yes when social worker Craig popped the question under a beachside gazebo decorated with flowers – after pretending they were having a photoshoot.

Keller MAFS

‘He doesn’t think he’s romantic, but he’s the biggest romantic you could ever meet,’ smiles divorcee Katie, whose children Harry, six, and Evie, four, have also welcomed Craig.

‘I know for sure that this 
is it,’ she adds.

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