MAFS’ Booka stuns fans as she unveils her dramatic new look

She doesn't look like this anymore!
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When we first saw Booka Nile on Married At First Sight, she had gorgeous long blonde locks and had the whole rocker chic look downpat.

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Nowadays, Booka has traded in her trademark hair for a new colour entirely, amping up her metal musician look even further, rocking cropped pink hair.

The new colour isn’t the only thing she’s sporting, with the former MAFS bride taking to Instagram to share that she now has bangs too.

“Getting bangs. Blaming all of you who voted yes to this happening when I regret this decision,” she shared to her Instagram Stories while at the salon.

mafs booka nile pink hair bangs
Booka shared her new look with fans after getting bangs cut. (Credit: Instagram)

It comes after she had asked fans if she should get bangs or not, to which of course they voted in favour of the new cut.

And while she may have spoken about “regretting” the decision, she went through with the promise and documented her transformation.

“No going back now,” she penned as she filmed her hair being cut.

booka nile
The musician has been rocking the pink hair for a few weeks now. (Credit: Instagram)

Booka has been rocking the pink hair in recent weeks, after she tried on a pink wig and seemingly fell in love with the look.

“Would have been rude not to dye my hair pink after doing this shoot with @the.benjihart,” she said, sharing a series of photos of her with the wig.

The wig also had a similar cut that she has, no doubt serving as inspiration for the bangs.

mafs booka nile
Booka doesn’t look the same as she did on MAFS. (Credit: Nine)

For many, Booka is near unrecognisable since her MAFS days, where she was partnered with Brett Helling on the show.

The two split before the final vows, and while things didn’t work out for the couple, Booka left the show with strong friendships with her co-stars Beck Zemek and Alana Lister.

The three ex-MAFS brides have remained close after the show, proving that whilst you may not always find the love you were hoping for, you can certainly find it within friends.

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