Luke Jacobz’s unwavering adoration for his wife-to-be Raychel Stuart

"Amazing, kind, funny, thoughtful, caring, selfless."
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Luke Jacobz won Dancing With The Stars: All Stars in 2021, but there’s only one woman who’s managed to dance her way into the Home and Away actor’s heart.

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The Summer Bay star is engaged to his US-based partner Raychel Stuart but despite the pandemic’s travel restrictions getting in the way of them tying the knot, the couple’s affection for one another is unwavering.

Luke, who once hosted the Aussie version of reality show The Proposal, popped the question to Raychel at a Thanksgiving dinner in 2018.

“We met a few years ago in LA and started dating when I was moving back to Sydney,” he previously told New Idea.

“We agreed we’d do the long-distance thing and everything was fine because I was still going back and forth quite a bit. We got engaged in November, 2018.”

However, before Luke and Raychel managed to walk down the aisle, disaster struck. International borders closed with Raychel stuck in the US while Luke worked in Australia and the pair were forced to endure a long-distance relationship without visits.

Luke Jacobz fiancee
Luke Jacobz (left) has been engaged to his partner Raychel Stuart (right) since 2018. (Credit: Instagram)

In November 2020, Luke marked what would have been their wedding day with a lengthy heartfelt Instagram post.

“Today, I was supposed to Marry the Love of my Life. Unfortunately COVID-19 has forced us to Postpone,” Luke penned.

“NOT CANCEL. This year has been incredibly difficult for us because we haven’t seen each other since 22nd January- 294 Days or 7,055+hrs, which is 423,400+ minutes since I have held her hand, brushed the hair back over her ear, looked into her eyes, made her coffee, picked her up and hugged her, slapped her butt, slow danced with her, made her breakfast in bed, opened the car door for her, raced her up the stairs with her, given her the pickle off my burger, shared popcorn with her, watched Jeopardy with her, held her face and kissed her…”

Luke Jacobz fiancee
The couple was supposed to tie the knot in November 2020, but COVID travel restrictions forced them to pump the brakes. (Credit: Instagram)

The former Heartbreak High star gushed about Raychel’s attributes in the post and revealed how difficult the separation had been on them both.

“Raychel is the most amazing, kind, funny, thoughtful, caring, selfless, generous, understanding Woman I have ever met in my Life,” he added.

“We have been through some incredible difficult times.. This year has been harder than Thor’s Hammer but- we have worked really hard.. and no matter where we are, on this Earth- I will do my best to be Her Starlord until the end of time.”

Luke Jacobz fiancee
“It’s been hard but we still talk every single day” (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to TV WEEK last year, Luke elaborated on how he and Raychel have been trying to make things work despite the physical distance between them.

“It’s been hard but we still talk every single day and try to plan for when we’ll see each other again,” Luke explained.

“Each time one of us left the country before, we knew when we would see each other. The next flight was already booked and it would be five weeks, maybe 10, at max.

“Now, we just don’t know. We just have to do the best we can and stay positive. I’m looking forward to being in the same place hopefully soon.”

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