Amanda Keller’s furious reaction to Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson

She wasn't the only one!
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After months of hype, Australia’s 61st annual Logie Awards are officially over.

Former Nine golden boy Karl Stefanovic was roasted (on multiple occasions) while comedian Tom Gleeson beat out stiff competition from fellow nominees Costa Georgiadis, Sam Mac, Waleed Aly, Rodger Corser, Eve Morey and Amanda Keller, to take the coveted Gold Logie.

But hot favourite Amanda seemed less than impressed with the controversial comedian’s shock win – and had a decidedly furious reaction to his lengthy acceptance speech.

WATCH Tom address the Logie Awards here:

During his eight-minute acceptance speech, Tom referenced his smear campaign and ‘attack ads’ against the other nominees, as well as last year’s winner Grant Denyer who branded the funnyman ‘desperate’, Daily Mail notes.

“Just because all of you want it and I’ve got it, don’t get angry with me,” the Hard Quiz host began.

“It’s alright, you’ll all survive. It’s a shame this is the last Gold Logie that’s ever going to be handed out – according to Grant Denyer, I’ve ruined the Logies. But at least I won this all by myself.

“Turns out I’m just really good at manipulating the media into doing things for me. Which, if you think about it, is why we’re all here!”

In the middle of his tirade, the camera briefly cut to The Living Room host, and her steely expression spoke a thousand words, News.com.au reports.

amanda keller
(Credit: Channel 9)

It seems many social media users echoed Amanda’s sentiments, with a deluge of tweets flooding in about the comedian’s shock win.

Twitter personality and author Mariam Veiszadeh wrote: “Tom Gleeson – you’ve officially ruined the #GoldLogie. #Logies2019.”

Another said: “I feel like this is a p**s take – Amanda Keller should’ve won! #GoldLogie”

One man spotted Amanda’s reaction, saying: “The cutaway to Amanda Keller’s face when @nonstoptom was making his speech was priceless. I hope that’s the last Logies ever, so it can go out on a high! #TVWeek #Logies2019.”

Some sat on the fence, with one user remarking: “I’m kind of torn as to whether I’m happy or disappointed that Tom Gleeson won the #GoldLogie #TVWeekLogieAwards – he’s made a farce out of what was already a farce!”

amanda keller tom gleeson
Amanda and Tom play up for the cameras after Tom’s shock Gold Logie win (Credit: Getty Images)

But others disagreed, with media executive Robert McKnight writing: “He did it! He played within the rules… and won! Congratulations @nonstoptom #TVWeekLogies #Logies2019.”

One woman praised Tom’s take on the awards show, saying: “Tom Gleeson nailed it with that acceptance speech. About time someone really deserving won the Gold. So funny, love every minute of it, as well as the awkward faces in the room! Can’t wait for next year! #HardQuiz #GoldLogie.”

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