Lisa Curry and Mark Tabone escape their house mid-lockdown

They took their motorhome and left.
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Lisa Curry and her husband Mark Tabone have taken their motorhome and gone on a camping adventure in the midst of lockdown.

WATCH: Lisa Curry and Mark Tabone go camping

Heading to her Instagram over the weekend, Lisa shared a five-minute clip of the couple’s excursion, beginning with them in their self-renovated motorhome.

Elvis impersonator Mark was the one who started the video, saying, “Well, we’re sick of being in lockdown. We’re going away, aren’t we Marley?” to their dog.

He added: “We don’t care if we’re going to get pulled over. We’re leaving the house.”

But before you get too worried, the couple didn’t flout any lockdown rules.

Lisa and Mark enjoyed each other’s company, and some glasses of Shiraz, by the fireside. (Credit: Instagram)

“Sorry to rub it in folks, but only 100 metres from our place,” Mark said.

Yep, that’s right. Lisa and Mark’s excursion was merely to a campfire resting on their property, where they indulged in a glass of Shiraz.

“Let’s get p*ssed because we don’t have to go anywhere,” the Elvis impersonator said.

Lisa and Mark met in 2015 and married three years later. (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa then shared a sweet message of support, saying, “I hope everyone’s doing OK in lockdown,” before giving her viewers a tour of their motorhome. 

Fans in the comments were delighted with the footage.

“Good on you 👏👏 anything to break the routine is good for mental health,” one viewer wrote.

“You two are fun! I hope you enjoyed your night 🪵🔥🍷💕,” another added

“Magic! Hope you had a wonderful night 💛💫,” a third penned.

WATCH: Lisa Curry gets smothered with kisses by adorable pup

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Lisa and Mark met in 2015. The sparks were instant and the couple married just three years later in not one, but two ceremonies.

That’s right, the bride and groom wed twice – once on the Sunshine host (featuring a stunning pink dress and some famous faces), and once in Malta. 

In the years following their two ceremonies, the couple even recreated their wedding photos, outfits and everything.

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