Lisa Curry’s sweet anniversary tribute to husband

"Such a fun life... Happy Anniversary my love."
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Lisa Curry and Mark Tabone celebrated their third wedding anniversary this Tuesday and the former swimmer has penned the sweetest of tributes to her partner in crime.

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Heading to Instagram on Tuesday evening, Lisa, 58, shared a series of gorgeous photos from her and Mark’s, 55, wedding day, honeymoon, and a recreation of the whole thing completed in the following years.

In the first photo, Mark planted a smooch on Lisa while she sat atop a gorgeous white classic car, donning a gorgeous pink ensemble that flowed in the wind behind her. 

lisa curry mark tabone wedding
Look at that stunning pink dress! (Credit: Instagram)

“At this moment 3 years ago we sat here having this photo taken … our wedding day ❤️🥰😍then left on an amazing honeymoon to India, Egypt, Malta and Abu Dhabi…. a trip of a lifetime and possibly, sadly, not going back for a very long time.” Lisa captioned the post.

“I’m so glad we made the effort to take our wedding gear and recreate these photos … such a fun trip. Such a fun life with my Mark, my husband. Happy Anniversary my love 😍”

Among the other snaps were the happy couple outside the Taj Mahal in India, pyramids in Egypt, as well as petting some camels in Abu Dhabi – all the while rocking the most formal of attire.

lisa curry mark tabone taj mahal
The couple visited the Taj Mahal for their honeymoon. (Credit: Instagram)

The comments were lit up with heart emojis and love hearts as fans of the couple wished them a happy anniversary.

Stunning!😍Happy Anniversary Lisa and Mark!❤️” one user wrote.

“Happiest of anniversary to you both so are so much loved” another penned.

“Beautiful wedding dresses ! I love that pink .. gorgeous” a third added. 

Lisa and Elvis impersonator Mark met back in 2015. The sparks were instant and the couple married just three years later in not one, but two ceremonies.

lisa curry mark tabone pyramids
They also visited the pyramids in Egypt. (Credit: Instagram)

That’s right, the bride and groom wed twice – once on the Sunshine host (featuring the stunning pink dress and some famous faces), and once in Malta. 

“We thought it would be fun to take our wedding outfits on our honeymoon, so we could get some really unusual and fun wedding photos,” Lisa told 9honey back in 2020

“We had photos taken in amazing places including at The Taj Mahal, on the suburban streets of India, at the pyramids in Egypt, on the sand dunes and at the gorgeous hotel in the desert, 200kms from Abu Dhabi on the edge of The Empty Quarter, and in Gozo, Malta where Mark spent his teenage years.”

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lisa curry mark tabone camels
Lisa and Mark also made some camel friends in Abu Dhabi. (Credit: Instagram)

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