Lisa Curry shares heartbreaking “red flags” about daughter Jaimi

“Don’t live your life in turmoil, regret or guilt.”
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Lisa Curry tragically lost her daughter Jaimi Kenny in September and has now revealed some of the “red flags” she recognised in Jaimi in the years leading up to her death.

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Posting in the Happy Hormones Facebook page, former Olympian Lisa, 58, revealed that her late daughter was diagnosed with a “chemical imbalance” when she was 15.

“Sometimes, an individual, even adults like us, can disregard little red flags, thinking it doesn’t matter or won’t matter,” she wrote.

“I know people want to know why and how [Jaimi died] but it’s not important at this time, or maybe ever, I don’t know.”

She explained: “What I will say though is that [a doctor] diagnosed her with a chemical imbalance 18 years ago when we started to see some tiny red flags.

“Sometimes, an individual, even adults like us, can disregard little red flags, thinking it doesn’t matter or won’t matter,” Lisa wrote. (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa went on to explain that red flags could be making bad food choices, being inactive, handling stressful situations poorly and spending time with toxic people”.

“Over time, all these little things, and others, add up to slowly erode your whole being… to the point where you may only be existing and not really living,” she wrote. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to make changes… do it now while you can… starting right now.

“Recognise the little red flags. Don’t live your life in turmoil, regret or guilt.”

Jaimi and Morgan
Pictured: Jaimi (left) with her sister Morgan (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa, who shares children Jaimi, Morgan Gruell and Jett Kenny with her ex husband Ironman Grant Kenny, shared another heartbreaking post remembering Jaimi with her grandson, Flynn.

“My little boo boo came for a sleepover just after we farewelled our Jaimi, and in the morning we went to visit our cows,” Lisa captioned a series of photos of herself and Flynn.

“Elsy, our only girl cow was sprinkled in little white flowers. The other cows didn’t have any and we’ve never seen it before … look on the last photo you can see the little cute flowers. Flynn and I said that was Jaimi saying hello,” she added.

“They say you get signs, and I had quite a few in that week… Things that have never happened before and all related to Jaimi. Coincidences? …. Or is it real that our loved ones are around? I like the feeling that she is around us in some way, but can’t accept she’s not. We miss you Jaimi.”

Jaimi Curry Kenny passed away at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital surrounded by her family.

In an official statement, her parents revealed that Jaimi had “lost her battle with a long-term illness.”

“Jaimi will forever be remembered as a caring, bright and loving soul who always put others before herself,” they wrote.

“Our hearts are broken and the pain is immense but we must move forward cherishing every wonderful moment we got to share with our treasured first child.”

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