Lisa Curry’s hope after heartbreak

The family's special tribute to Jaimi Kenny
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After farewelling her beloved daughter Jaimi Kenny, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel for Lisa Curry and her shattered family. Jaimi’s pregnant younger sister Morgan Gruell will soon deliver the happiness the family so desperately needs.

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Morgan, a dancer, and already a mum to 2-year-old Flynn, is due to give birth to her second baby with husband, Ryan, in November.

And it’s clear the new arrival will help heal the family’s broken hearts following the death of Jaimi, 33, the daughter of Olympians Lisa and Grant Kenny, on September 14.

Kenny family
There is light at the end of tunnel for Lisa Curry (centre) and her shattered family after the death of daughter Jaimi Kenny. Pictured from left: Jett Kenny, Lisa Curry and Morgan Gruell with Morgan’s son Flynn). (Credit: Instagram)

Morgan could well give her new baby the middle name Jaimi, as it would work for either a boy or girl. If she does, it will indeed be a loving – and fitting – way to honour Jaimi.

Jaimi adored children and delighted at being a half-sister to Trixie, 7, the daughter of her father, Grant and radio personality, Fifi Box.

Paying tribute to Jaimi on social media a day after her sister’s funeral on the Sunshine Coast on September 19, Morgan said: “She saw the beauty in everyone and everything.

Lisa Curry Jaimi
Lisa Curry (right) was heartbroken after her daughter Jaimi Kenny’s (left) death (Credit: Instagram)

“I will always remember her taking the time to stop and take a photo of a pretty flower, an interesting door, or her feet standing next to crunchy leaves that had fallen from the trees. I promise to always appreciate these things as she did.”

Struggling to come to terms with losing her eldest daughter, Lisa, 58, posted a picture on Instagram of Jaimi nestled against her chest. Next to it, she simply wrote: “I don’t know what to do…”

Jaimi Morgan
Morgan Gruell (right) could name her new baby in honour of her sister Jaimi (left). (Credit: Instagram)

In a previous post, an emotional Lisa shared: “Jaimi … as Dad and I lovingly held you when you took your first breath, we lovingly held you as you took your last.”

And Jaimi’s crushed younger brother Jett, 26, said he would love her forever and “miss [Jaimi] dearly, but cherish the moments we had together greatly”.

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