Inside Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s low-key romance with Chantal Millar

They have the sweetest relationship.
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While his Home and Away character Nikau Parata’s love life is currently in shambles, Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s real-life relationship couldn’t be more different.

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Fans of the long-running Channel Seven drama have been watching the mess that is Nikau’s relationship with Bella Nixon unfold, but they’ll be pleased to know that Kawakawa has much better luck in the real-world.

He’s kept his relationship with girlfriend Chantal Millar relatively private on social media, but from what we do know so far, the couple are in love as ever.

In fact, if Chantal’s Instagram is anything to go by, the two have a fun and happy relationship, filled with cute couple snaps and plenty of beach adventures.

kawakawa fox reo girlfriend chantal miller
Kawakawa and Chantal have been dating for about a year. (Credit: Instagram)

When celebrating Kawakawa’s birthday last year in November, Chantal shared a series of sweet photos of the pair, giving fans a glimpse into their relationship.

“HBD to my mans,” she simply captioned the post.

The photos featured moments captured of the couple at the beach, by the pool, out in the city, and just some good old selfies taken in the car.

It’s unclear as to when the two got together officially, but Chantal’s first post of them together was almost a year ago in September 2020.

“Sunday funday with Nikau Parata,” she captioned the post.

kawakawa fox reo girlfriend
“Sunday funday with Nikau Parata.” (Credit: Instagram)

Kawakawa’s first official Instagram post with Chantal was more recent, where he shared a few photos and a video of the two together last week as they got involved with supporting The Kids Foundation.

“We wanted to quickly acknowledge how tricky things are in the world at the moment,” Kawakawa said.

In the clip, the two sent their love to everyone who is suffering from the pandemic and the crisis in Afghanistan, and looked united as they ‘put their hands up’ to raise awareness for kids who need help.

“🙌🏼 up 4 Detroit 🎶#putyourhandsup @thekidsfoundation ❤️❤️,” the 22-year-old captioned the post.

kawakawa fox reo girlfriend chantal miller
Kawakawa recently shared a post featuring Chantal for the first time. (Credit: Instagram)

Like Kawakawa, Chantal hails in from New Zealand, and is currently living in Australia. The 21-year-old loves the beach, making memories with her friends, and just having a fun time whenever she can.

She’s even managed to bring Kawakawa in on the fun, and it involves a certain supernatural series.

“Got him addicted to the only show I watch,” she captioned an Instagram post, referring to The Vampire Diaries pictured in the background.

Without doubt, she is a great support for the actor, and we can’t wait to see their young love continue to grow.

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