Karl in crisis as Jasmine flees in tears

A cruel attack has put immense pressure on the couple.
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Recently, it was reported Jasmine had been the subject of a cruel attack by a group of men who taunted the mother-of-one while leaving Sydney’s swanky Mimi’s restaurant in Coogee alongside Karl.

And while little was known about the incident, New Idea can exclusively reveal the ringleader involved was no stranger to the 37-year-old!

According to a close source, the person behind the fiery exchange, which saw Jasmine leave the venue in a flood of tears, was a “man known to the couple”.

Jasmine left the venue in a flood of tears. (Credit: Getty)

The comments he made were said to be “cruel and callous”, leaving Jasmine “seriously rattled”.

The source adds that the incident could be the last straw for the new mum, who is said to be desperate for a change of pace outside of  “cold and cliquey” Sydney, where she currently lives.

“She has been very unhappy in Sydney for a long time. Since the birth of Harper, all she wants is to be close to her family in Queensland, where her family and her school pals and their young families all live,” dishes the source.

“She’s done playing the role of a Sydney socialite. Karl is doing everything he can to keep her happy – he’s got his mum, Jenny, down from Cairns to help with Harper and his eldest daughter Ava is doing shifts at Jasmine’s shoe store in Paddington, but nothing seems to be working.”

“Karl is doing everything he can to keep her happy.” (Credit: Instagram)

It’s not the first time the couple have been publicly accosted. In April last year, 23-year-old photographer Jayden Seyfarth reportedly confronted the pair outside a Bunnings store.

“He accused [Jasmine] of some really nasty things,” a bystander later revealed, adding, “She looked extremely shaken and Karl looked furious.”

Jasmine’s wellbeing and safety is said to be a “top priority” for the Today show host, tells the source.

Jasmine’s wellbeing and safety is said to be a “top priority” for Karl. (Credit: Instagram)

“Jasmine is a timid person. She is still getting used to being married to one of Australia’s biggest TV stars, and with that comes a lot of good times, but there’s also a darker side of that life,” explains the source, who says Karl, 46, is ramping up his protection.

“Karl is no stranger to cheap pot shots or criticism, but he’s not going to let people tear apart his family, especially people they know.

“He’s focused on protecting and keeping his extended loved ones and four children close,” the source adds, who says Karl has assured Jasmine’s parents, Bob and Cheryl, that he will “always protect their little girl”.

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