“Awful”: Karl Stefanovic reveals family COVID-19 diagnosis

The Today host opened up about his family's COVID diagnosis over Christmas.
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Making his return to Today alongside co-host Ally Langdon on Monday, Karl Stefanovic revealed that he had a bit of a rough Christmas break after his family contracted COVID-19 – including his daughters Ava and Harper.

WATCH: Karl Stefanovic reveals his family had COVID

The 47-year-old opened up about his family’s health battle after they were diagnosed with the virus in early January, with Karl adding that it was “pretty intense in parts”.

“I am a little croaky. The last couple of weeks, going back to January 3 or 4, the whole family tested positive,” he explained. “The whole family went down with Covid-19.”

18-month-old Harper also contracted the virus. (Credit: Instagram)

“It was a bit awful to tell you the truth at times, but we’re all clear now.

“We got through the whole thing, and look, they say it’s mild, but it’s pretty intense in parts.”

Karl added later in the show that he and his wife Jasmine were most concerned about their 18-month-old daughter, Harper.

“It started out with it feels like a bad cold, and it starts in the throat, then it goes to the lungs,” he explained. “I’m clear now, but it’s the residual effects are there.”

WATCH: Karl Stefanovic swims with daughter Harper

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“We were most worried about little Harper, she is only 18 months old and also my daughter Ava,” Karl said.

“They had it in a quite severe way initially but then they got over it really quickly, and then Jas and I both got it and I was much worse. She said because I’m a man.

“I got all of the symptoms. You were just down for three or four days and then it keeps on going on and on,” he recalled.

“Dealing with it psychologically was the hardest thing I reckon. It’s hard when everyone’s sick in the house,” he said, adding, “I don’t sound better but I definitely feel better.”

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