Get To Know Judith Lucy: How She Turned Dating Drama Into Comedy Gold

Learn more about comedian Judith Lucy’s personal life and projects with these 21 Q&As!

Judith Lucy is an Australian comedian known for her hilarious sketches and her most recent show, Judith Lucy Vs Men, where she talks all about her dating problems. But despite her revealing insights, not a lot of people know about Judith’s personal life. What was her family life like, and has she finally appeared on The Bachelorette? Get Judith’s full bio here, along with some of her best quotes and details on her most recent tours!

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When Is Judith Lucy’s Birthday?

Judith’s date of birth is March 28, 1968.

How Old Is Judith Lucy?

Judith Lucy is 51 years old.

Does Judith Lucy Have Any Siblings?

Judith Lucy had one brother, the writer Niall Lucy. He passed away in July 2014.

Who Are Judith Lucy’s Parents?

Judith’s adoptive parents are Ann and Tony Lucy, who emigrated from Ireland to make a home in Perth. She discovered that she was adopted when she was 25, and she has often talked about her family life in her comedy routines.

Despite initially grappling with the truth of her adoption, Judith is now at peace and has a good relationship with both her biological and adoptive parents.

Is Judith Lucy In A Relationship?

No, Judith doesn’t have a partner right now. In fact, it was a recent split with a mystery boyfriend that inspired some of her musings on her tour Judith Lucy Vs Men. Judith hasn’t revealed who he is, but he’s definitely given her plenty of material!

Is Judith Lucy Gay?

No. During an interview with the Star Observer, Judith acknowledged, Oh, everyone thinks I am a lesbian. But she also clarified that despite these rumours about her sexuality, she’s straight and does not have a girlfriend.

Is Judith Lucy Married?

No, Judith does not have a husband or wife, and she is currently single.

What Is Judith Lucy’s Net Worth?

Judith’s estimated net worth is $2-million.


Is Judith Lucy Still Touring?

Yes, Judith is still a very active performer. In 2017, she went on tour with one of her regular comedy partners, Denise Scott, for the live show Disappointments.

This year, she was named one of 2019’s Adelaide Fringe ambassadors, and she just wrapped up her tour, Judith Lucy Vs Men, with hilarious jokes about relationships and the difficulties of dating at her age. 

What Books Has Judith Lucy Written?

Judith has written two books. The first, The Lucy Family Alphabet, discusses her family life and how she came to terms with her adoption. The second, Drink, Smoke, Pass Out, is another memoir, which also talks about her own search for happiness, and learning about what spirituality means to her.

Has Judith Lucy Ever Performed At The Sydney Opera House?

Yes. Her 2015 show Ask No Questions of The Moth, was brought for a 2016 run in the Sydney Opera House.

Does Judith Lucy Smoke?

We’re not sure if she still does. Judith started smoking when she was 25, but in 2003, she contemplated giving up the old habit.

What Are The Best Judith Lucy Quotes?

“I saw a bunch of cards for a male escort service for women called Heaven on Earth … it should have been called ‘What on Earth’ after my experience.”

“I’m an egomaniac who needs the constant affirmation of a roomful of strangers. If my parents paid more attention to me as a child, maybe I might be a really well-adjusted person working a nine-to-five job. So I lay the blame firmly at Ann and Tony Lucy.”

“Audiences are incredibly sensitive. If you see comedy, you want to relax. As soon as the person walks out on stage you have to feel you are in very good hands. If the person is kind of freaked out about what they are talking about, there aren’t going to be many laughs.”

Does Judith Lucy Have A YouTube Channel?

No, but several of her routines and sketches have been uploaded on the platform.

What TV Shows Has Judith Lucy Appeared In?

Judith Lucy has appeared on several TV shows, such as The Project, Rove and The Mick Molloy Show. She recently joined the cast of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, to have a closer look at products in the wellness industry.

Has Judith Lucy Appeared On The Bachelorette?

No, but there’s a petition for her to be its next star! It’s a popular idea online right now, as many people point out that there’s never been a Bachelorette over the age of 30. The proposal to find Judith a fiance on the show has garnered nearly eight thousand signatures on Change.org, and audiences are excited about the possible casting twist!

Where Does Judith Lucy Live?

Judith currently lives in Melbourne.

Has Judith Lucy Released A DVD?

Yes. Judith has appeared on Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey and Nothing Fancy, both of which focus on her thoughts on religion and spirituality. The 2015 series Judith Lucy Is All Woman is now also on DVD, where Judith discusses modern Australian society and women.

Has Judith Lucy Had Problems With Alcohol?

Yes. I was a fat alcoholic,Judith admitted, There came a point where I thought, ‘I’m miserable and I’m so unhealthy, and throwing up on myself in the back of a cab isn’t as attractive as I would like it to be.’

Does Judith Lucy Do Yoga?

Yes. Judith uses yoga and meditation, and she claims it has been a huge help for her anxiety and relationship woes.

What Is Judith Lucy’s Diet?

Judith Lucy admits that sometimes, on the road, she doesn’t have the healthiest habits. Her favourite meals, however, are fuss-free and well-balanced. “I still have a soft spot for really simple meat and three veg. And I’m obsessed with potatoes.”

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