Survivor’s JLP makes cheeky dig at Locky

Ahead of the Bachelor premiere, the Survivor host had something to say!
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Survivor star Locky Gilbert is all set to find love this season on The Bachelor, but ahead of the premiere there was one TV host who couldn’t resist poking fun. 

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor ‘Love In Lockdown’ Teaser

Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia, who is based in the US, shared a photo-shopped image of himself in a suit in a very Bachelor-esque pose.

But in place of a rose in his hands was a photo-shopped miniature version of Locky Gilbert

“@osher_gunsberg, will you accept this Locky?” JLP asked the Bachelor host in his caption followed by a wink face emoji. 

“It’s happening people! #Survachelor is on 7.30 tonight on10. #TheBachelorAU #SurvivorAU,” he added.

We like the extra attention to detail with the Survachelor logo in the corner! (Credit: Instagram)

To say Survivor fans were impressed by JLP’s photoshop skills is an understatement.

“I sometimes wonder what you are doing during this pandemic with filming delayed… now we know: upgrading your photoshop skills,” All Star Nick Iadanza commented to which Jonathan replied: “An idle mind is the devils play ground.”

“Who doesn’t want a Pocket Locky?” another fan commented.

One even remarked in the comments that they’d love to see JLP host the show to which he replied: “I’m a little busy doing nothing in lockdown at the moment.”

Locky recently starred on Australian Survivor: All Stars (Credit: Network 10)

Survivor and The Bachelor have crossed paths earlier this year when Osher stepped in to host the Survivor finale due to coronavirus complications. 

“As some of you may already know because of the pandemic I can’t make the Reunion Show. Rather than scrap the whole darn thing @channel10au decided to listen to audience demands and we give you…..SURVACHELOR,” JLP wrote on Instagram at the time.

“I’ll be popping in to say hi via satellite but my brother @osher_gunsberg will be on the ground handing out roses 🌹 And the next bachelor @locklangilbert will be there working his magic with the ladies. Oh….and we might even read the final votes and announce the winner.”

JLP and Locky
We must admit, JLP’s photshop skills have improved since last time. (Credit: Instagram)

Locky certainly has JLP’s blessing to be the 2020 Bachelor.

In an exclusive chat with Now To Love back in March, the Survivor host revealed that he thinks Locky’s “a great choice.”

“He’s a big hunk of a man, he’s a hot guy, I think it’ll work out well. He’s six foot four, he’s square-jawed, he’s a grade-A side of beef, he’s perfect.”

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