Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs turns 50 and “feels fabulous”

Ageing is something the tv host has always embraced!
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If there was one word to describe Johanna Griggs right now, it would be content.

The popular Better Homes and Gardens host just celebrated her 50th birthday.

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And while many might freak out at the mere thought of notching up their half-century, Johanna is embracing this new chapter with her usual positive attitude; choosing to see it as a reminder to put herself first and enjoy even more of life’s riches.

Johanna still carries with her the life lessons she learnt in the pool. (Credit: Supplied)

“It feels fabulous,” Johanna shared to her 101,000 Instagram followers.

“I’ve never had any hang ups about age, and just feel so lucky and grateful to have my family, friends, health and a job that I adore. I absolutely love [my] life and everyone who is in it.”

To celebrate the milestone, Johanna enjoyed a weekend full of festivities at the farm she shares with husband Todd Huggins in NSW’s lower Hunter Valley.

Combining the celebrations with the annual Griggs family tennis tournament, Johanna was treated to a night of cocktails and a three-course meal from a private chef. As the one who usually cooks for family events, Johanna said she loved getting the night off!

Johanna had “a ball” with husband Todd and the people she loves most in life. (Credit: Supplied)

“I honestly spent three days just laughing, crying with happiness, and having a ball with the people I love most in my life,” Johanna added.

In addition to the weekend-long party, Johanna received a “very special” present earlier in the year, when she got to swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in WA.

She was joined on the getaway by Todd and sons Jesse and Joe, who she shares with ex-husband, Gary Sweet.

Her stepchildren Frank and Sophie, Gary’s children from a previous marriage, also tagged along.

In an interview with the Mindfulmess podcast released shortly before her 50th, Johanna explained she never feels guilty about prioritising herself, thanks to the discipline she learnt in her years as an elite swimmer.

“I’m a big believer of happiness comes from the inside,” says the newly-minted 50-year-old. (Credit: Supplied)

“I’m able to have fantastic self-motivation and incredible discipline … whether that be discipline in managing my workload, or discipline in managing my sleep and my rest,” Johanna explained.

“Because for me that stuff [is] as important as what I’m doing that’s filling up my days. Discipline is taught; sleep is taught; how you manage your time is taught; learning to say no is taught – they’re all behavioural things that you can actually control.”

Johanna added that she is a “list writer” so gets “satisfaction” in writing out one every day and ticking each item off.

“Discipline for me is making sure that I actually do find the time for everyone that I need to, to feed my soul,” she shared.

“You can’t go down the path just of work and think you’re going to be completely happy. You’ve got to have balance in your life always.”

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