Jessika Power spills on “X-rated” messages from Shane Warne!

“No wonder he gets into trouble all the time, because you don’t write that over a text message."
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You originally know her from Married at First Sight, but Jessika Power is taking another reality franchise by storm, heading into the Big Brother house for the show’s VIP spinoff- and she’s already revealed some behind the scenes celeb goss!

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In a teaser for this year’s Big Brother VIP, Jessika Power shocked her fellow celebrities when she revealed that legendary cricketer Shane Warne slid into her DMs.

And in Tuesday night’s episode, viewers got the full lowdown on Jessika’s X-rated messages from the cricket star.

“I have a following of 355,000 I get a lot of footballers, like NRL players inboxing me,” Jessika told her housemates.

Jessika Power has revealed Shane Warne slid into her DMs. (Credit: Instagram)

“Some of the things he was sending me I tell you what, inappropriate,” Jess later told her Big Brother housemates.

“I replied a little bit to him then he just got real, real X-rated and I was like I just can’t.

“Really…” a shocked Bernard Curry replied.

“No wonder he gets into trouble all the time, because you don’t write that over a text message if you have a name,” Jessika added.

“I could be short of a dollar, which I wouldn’t do that because I’ve had stories sold on me and I would never sell stories, but young girls could screenshot that, go to the papers and say ‘if you want this I want money’.

“You know what I mean. It was insane, I was like ‘I can’t believe you are writing this over message’.”

Jess told Fitzy & Wippa that Shane was fairly persistent with making advances towards her. (Credit: Getty)

In an even juicier moment, Ellie Gonsalves later revealed to Big Brother that Jess isn’t the only famous face Warnie has hit up over social media.

“Just between us he’s done it to me too,” Ellie admitted.

“He’s literally tried to DM me and invite me out, like it’s just, I’ve got no time for that.

“I’ve been in a relationship for 13 years and trust me my DMs have been full and I’m not even going to go into which people have been in those DMs over the years.

“There’s been quite a few and honestly that’s just a bit disgusting.”

Jessika said the messages were “too X-rated” for television. (Credit: Seven)

Later on in the episode, Jessika was interviewed by NOVA FM morning hosts Fitzy and Wippa, where she elaborated on the saucy messages.

“He messaged me two or three times and I hadn’t seen it, then I replied back he goes ‘can I say hi’ and I said ‘of course you can say hi I don’t bite’ and he goes ‘what if I asked you to’,” Jessika told the hosts.

“You’re my dad’s age, I told my dad and my dad said, ‘Watch out for him darling he’s a spinner’,” Jessika said, adding that the messages were “too X-rated” for television.

“Something to do with being naked, facing a wall and on knees…bit graphic, you know a bit X-rated I didn’t like that,” Jessika laughed.

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